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They call repeatedly and I do not answer.
Offering employment opportunities...never requested or went to sight looking for new job on line...someone is selling personal data again...I am on DO NOT CALL LIST..tired of the SCAMMERS & SCHEMERS!!!
Got a call and was asked if i would further my education towards college then was asked if i had a couple minutes to talk to some other schools. I told them no and she replied with "Ok we'll call you back" and hung up
fishy  calls pretending to be business related, but leaves messages referring to business offerings that do not exist or are seriously outdated.
This number called me approx 30 times in a couple hours. I answered a few of these calls and called back, having no idea who it was, anymore I won't answer a number I don't recognize... You would think with our technology  or one of our US phone companies would figure out a way to keep us from getting telephoned $cammed! The first one that does will end up with a more customers than imagined with the growing number of scams from the Dominican Republic.... If you don't know who it is don't answer.
No one spoke.
So this number keeps calling my home phone for the last two weeks.  Today was the day that I decided that I would answer the caller and tell them that I am not interested in anything that they are selling and to stop calling me!  So I answer the phone to hear a loud speaking man, who wasn't speaking to me, I said "I'm sorry, hello?"  The man hung up on me!!
thanks. i am glad i took a look at this before i called back. they said that i entered a contest and i was one of the 4 who won a car...that was all i could understand apart from the number-a bunch of gibberish.
it guy
someone on another site stated: Caller wanted to update our IT director's "free" subscription to CIO Magazinewhich would make sense for me, since I have the former number of an IT manager and I get calls like this all the time.
Keeps calling - left political message
ignored it
Annoyed Reciever
Called me 3 times within 15 minutes, on the 3rd time, I picked up, the women was obiviously calling from some sort of call center, she asked for stephen, I was very rude to her and told her wrong number and she insisted that he lived here.   I also noticed that when she called it was a different ring, a more rapid ring thing ususal, kinda like a party line ring...she let it ring 20-30 times each time without leaving a message.
Left no message
I get these messages on my machine all the time. Today they called my cell. I pressed 1 and said "How did you get my cell phone number. I need to be taken off of your list immediately" She hung up. I called back the number and the mailbox was full. How annoying. Ogal, great idea!!!
Calls, does not leave a message.
Constance called and left message on answering machine with a reference number. Gave the call back number 971-1377 but when I called it back to find out who it was, I got a message that the call could not be completed as dialed. If you can't leave your company name then you don't need to be leaving messages.
We got a call from this number a while ago. The caller ID read "Illinois 331-080-6144 ". I answered and he told us that he was from the "[mylastname] family". I don't really know much of my relatives so I thought it was just one of my relatives from Illinois (we have a lot of family there). I gave the phone to my mom and he told her that his name was "Ricardo" and that he was a family relative of one of our close relatives. And at one point he asked for our address and my mom gave it to him. He said he was the son of [otherrelativename]. And that's when my moms concerns were starting to spark. Because [otherrelativename] didn't have a son named Ricardo. My mom started asking him questions. After 2 minutes of asking him questions he was clearly getting irritated and agitated, He hung up after a short while.My mom then called the person that "Ricardo" had mentioned he was part of the family, to make sure she herself wasn't mistaken. After speaking with our [otherrelativename] they said they didn't know a person named Ricardo. So be extremely careful to who you give your address to. I don't know what's going to happen to us because we gave him our address. Should we make a report to the police? Does this happen a lot? I don't know.
Same thing here.  They call and do not leave a message. I truy to call back and it says yhis number is not in working order.   They have called more then once.
calld 8:43 pm eastern- AS  IF anyone is going to answer to "Unassigned."Phone rang 4 times and didn't even go to machine when they hung up.
I have recieved numerous calls from this number today, about 7 or 8 at the last count. I had googled this number because I have no outstanding bills that would require the "lawsuit" that he threatened me with in a voicemail. He proceeded to get very confrontational when I told him to remove my number from his database and that he was a fraud. He asked me if I was scared of him and if I was a prostitute. When I told him again that he was a fraud and a scam and I would be notifying the local authorities he proceeded to ask me what my going rates were and when I told him he was a disgusting piece of garbage he started cussing at me and tell me to f**k off... Ignore this number...
Bullying call regarding credit report and FICO score.  "in just 3 months we can raise your score by 80-150 points."  I am not interested, my credit is fine, I'm ending this call and take me off your lists.  He raised his voice and kept talking so I just hung up.  He called back in a few minutes and my wife yelled at him too, citing contacting BBB, cops etc, stop calling!  Accented voice, unsure if indian, east europe?
shirley koyczan
Family members have rushed here from Saskatchewan to comfort an Airdrie couple whose newborn son was killed by their husky, a relative said Friday. Just days old, the infant was bitten by a nine-year-old female Siberian husky — one of four the couple own ­— in the family’s home about 10 a.m. Wednesday. The Sun has chosen not to name the family. Paramedics rushed the boy to Alberta Children’s Hospital where he died about 12 hours later. “It wasn’t that the dog got loose or they just leave the dogs around the kids,” said the relative, who asked not to be named. “(The dogs) were their best friends before they had the kids. “You get the image of them being sled dogs and you think of 15 of them chained in a yard, but it’s not. They have their own room in the basement.” The couple have run a home-based dog-sledding equipment and supply business for the last four years and are active in the competitive dog-sledding world. Neighbours said they regularly saw the huskies pulling a small sled through the neighbourhood and described the dogs as friendly. The couple also have a two-year-old son and there have been no past issues with the animals, the relative said. At a press conference Thursday, police called the infant’s death a “very tragic accident” and said no criminal charges are being considered. The husky will remain in quarantine in Calgary for at least another week, however, and is being assessed daily to monitor its behaviour and temperament, said Darryl Poburan, manager of bylaw enforcement in Airdrie. “They isolate it away from everyone else and it’s quarantined and they observe the dog,” he said. Calgary bylaw head Bill Bruce said officers were able to lead the dog inside on a leash when it first arrived and there have been no issues. Officials will work with the family to decide the dog’s fate, said Poburan. “We talked about it and we need to give them time to grieve,” he said. “Then we’ll meet with the family maybe sometime next week. “We want them on board with the decision we need to make.” There are about 5,500 licenced dogs in Airdrie, said Poburan. dave.dormer@sunmedia.caThis is what I found so if anyone whants to know the F- - - - N TRUTH THEN GO TO THE CALGARY SUN. I LOOKED AT THE HUSKY AND THIS HUSKY NEVER CAME FROM MY BLOODLINES YOU DUM A**. THEY KEP THEIR HUSKIES LOCKED UP IN THEIR BASEMENT. GIVE ME A BREAK.
calls my cell phone EVERY DAY twice each day... cell phone rings twice then silence.  I have not answered my cell phone because I do not know the caller...
Mystery Woman
Does anyone know whose number this may be?  It constantly calls and I do not answer.  No message is left.
Does contacting these addresses get the job done? I've received nine calls from this firm since 9-13-2010 and have registered my phone with do not call. Can these people be stopped?
Anon as well
Technically, the telephone exchange switch is identified as MIANFLWKDS0. The description we have for the 561 area code is: S. Central Florida: Palm Beach County (West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Vero Beach; see split 772, eff 2/11/02; mand 11/11/02). The owner of 561-404-2382 can be obtained through a detailed report. As well, the address and number type is also available in a detailed report. Since 561-404-2382 belongs to the 561 area code, we also know that the local time in DELRAY BCH, FL is 14:32pm. The phone number 561-404-2382 is assigned to INTERMEDIA COMMUNICATIONS INC. - FL and the actual exchange location is in DELRAY BCH, FL.
Also got call from this random number.  I don't answer unless the number is in my phonebook.  Another forum reports that callbacks to this number get a pitch for debt relief service.
calling my fax non-stop!
This phone number came up on my online bank statement. Along with another charge from a company called Sole Brothers Seven Inc. Small charges, $10.20 and $38.35.
I just got the text message as well at 11:20 am CDT.

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