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Browsed Number: 2026576964 | Location Code : 202 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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District of Columbia
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User Comments for 2026576964

I too got a call ....15,000  gov. grant just call john sellers back...this person also wanted my personal info....NOT!! I dont give it and I dont call #'s i dont know.

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Kevin Cooper is representing the US Gov. giving $ 10,000.00 grant if and after you make a $99.00 donation to a charity outside the country.
I just received  a call from John Sellers.  If he thinks I am calling the 202 657-6964 # he is a fool.  If the gov't is going to give you money.  They will just send it to you.  I am so tired of my phone ringing off the hook with these scams
real talk we need to get this guy locked up because he is praying on people and money is hard to come whenb he called me the guy name was kevin cooper lets get this guy a** locked up fast i have wrote a report to the fbi already please help

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