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United States
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District of Columbia
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User Comments for 2026842552

east los angeles give away (scam) (202-684-2552)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reply to: sale-mcg8t-1271108926@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]Date: 2009-07-15, 8:22AM PDTThese guys are are B.S. everyday they put false adds, I don't know why ,but these guys need to be kicked off craigs list, The only thing I can think, they have too much time,and no life, to go on craigs list and place false adds. To do that you have to be a real loser,with no life... every time you see that number flag it , wish I could talk to these guys face to face,the other day they offered free baby food ,and some man responded just to have these guys act like children, always false adds ,for the last 3weeks. So if you see the number 202-684-2552 it is all B.S. Location: 202-684-2552 it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests    PostingID: 1271108926

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Sitting at home all day hunched over a computer constitutes a life? WTF is this country coming to then?
HAHAHA, At least we are having fun!!! you people dont have lives :P
Well done, Kanaka.  This guy needs to be prosecuted.  Thank you for taking action.
God wont help you, where is he anyway? he's not here, everyone says he will come. yeah right that's just false hope right there
This idiot put a posting o craigslist for a free lawn mower.  When I called I asked him if he was still giving away the lawn mower they he made a sexual innuedo saying "How big was my bush".  I should have hung up then but I really needed that lawnmower because my uncle, who passed away in October was the only one who knew how to start our weed wacker and since I have been asking people to help me and I didn't like bothering my friends.  Well, anyways, he began calling me a b---h and c--t.  He also said some s*** about being ignorant and selfish.  Well, the fist thing I did was call my best friend who cuts my grass and he's a cop then he took down the info and called his brother who works in CA and is a federal agent.  This guy is going to be messed up for the rest of his life.  He really needs God!!!!
you should go to spoofcard.com and get the number of the Canadian mounties and spam the number until he disconnects it
Oh just try it!
Y'know guys, we can always spam that number...
lost iphone
I just called that number because it says that he found an iphone which he described as mine and wanted sexual favors in return....what a scum bag. The creepiest part is that he had someone else on the phone too.
law enforcement?????? where are you???
Wire Fraud? Sara you might need to look up the definition of Wire Fraud again. The Craigslist ads actually aren't criminally illegal, it's the other actions they do in the Chat room which takes place. Dex does have a workforce with him, it's all the listeners in the chat room who are posting every craigslist ad, it's just a fake number Dex set up. Look up Pranknet.org.. The Feds have known about these kids for awhile but nothing has or probably will be done. It's quiet disturbing. The guy Dex is scared shitless now and won't allow any property damage to be done even though over the last 5 months they've created over 100,000's dollars in damage. It's sad nothing will be done.

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