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203 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 203 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 203 Series

203-643-9220 Anonymous
2018-07-10 17:12:05
Annoying charity call
203-200-7242 Anonymous
2018-06-06 20:12:55
called stating they are from UI falsely and they were going to turn on electric.
203-683-0485 Shelly
They call every morning around 10:30 am.  Two rings then they hang up.
203-683-0485 Robin
Received calls from this number everyday this week.
203-683-0485 Bob Smith
They call every day and call you "buddy". Pain in the neck (to be polite).
203-683-0479 Eber Wan
These morons call at least twice a day-I hang up on them and then they start calling at odd times, like at 7:00 a,m. this morning. They seem to have no regard for the time. The best thing to do if you have the call rejection feature on your phone, is to put this number on the call rejection list-that will stop the calls. Unfortunately they usually only allow 25 numbers, and since my list is full, I will drop a number off to add these jerks.
203-683-0479 rich
getting calls too...no answere when I call back but answere machine Mike Nemo...he must be a creep.
203-683-0479 Craig
Calls for twice a day for 2  months now, and they hang up as soon as I answer.  Very annoying.
203-683-0479 Al
Same as above.
203-683-0479 Lindan
I had the same problem with this number calling my cell phone, and then one day I called the number back and it went to a 'Mike Nemo' which sounded like an automated recording. I left Nemo a message to stop calling.
203-683-0479 alison downs
they keep calling and not leaving messages ... and not answering when i do answer
203-683-0479 dellimac
They call and leave no message. The times that I've answered the phone, they don't respond and hang up.
203-683-0475 Rob
I think this might be Liberty Coin galleries wanting to sell you gold bullion coins.  There toll free number is 1 (800) 216-2703.
203-683-0475 mjif
Unwanted call. No message.
203-683-0475 acyd awful us
Didn't get to the phone before the machine picked up, but they didn't leave a msg. I've never been to, or know anyone in CT.
203-683-0467 Jim
Phone rang 2 1/2 times.  No ID shown.
203-683-0403 judy
got a call saying i was able to get a few grant up to 50,ooo.ooand a few others i could get
203-683-0379 Sam
Calls, does not leave a message.  When I called back, the answering machine there picked up and the message was,  "I'm Jalousie Jones and I like to call very busy people at work just to annoy them."
203-683-0379 lloyd
when answering this call, it starts ringing from the other end. Happens with this number and they also call on 203-683-0291. Believe they are thansfering the call to make it look like YOU are calling another number, most likely some sort of scam. DON"T answer these numbers.
203-683-0343 PROTOHUMAN
203-683-0343 JanJ
These people call 2 and three times a day. Never an answer when I pick up. These calls are ABUSIVE!
203-683-0343 TXShotze
I received a call from this number asking for a family member.  When I asked who was calling, the man hung up on me.  This is not the first time that this has happened from this phone number.  He does not identify himself or his company.
203-683-0304 Charlie
Any ideas who this might be?
203-683-0298 April
This number called several times.
203-683-0291 lloyd
Some type of call transfer, likely a scam. You answer, then it starts ringing another number, making it look like YOU placed the call. they also call on 203-683-0379
203-683-0264 Lance Thomas
Someone tried to call my husbands ex wife and said that they needed to speak to him and would not give them information other then his birthday and they also said that they knows he drives a gold truck. Also, my husband and ex have been separated for 15 years. I just want this to stop. So does his ex wife. When I tried to call the numbers back because I have a private # they said # disconnected.
203-683-0264 Abbey
A guy named Drew Long called from this number stating he need to speak to my husband regarding some paperwork he filed last week. He gave me an 877-219-4760 to call him back on.  He said he worked for Chris Adams.  I have no idea what they want. So i looked up the two numbers , the one he called from and the one he gave me to call.
203-683-0264 Mojo
Got several calls and returned a call this morning.  This is *NOT* a collection agency.The woman I spoke to claimed to be calling regarding an unpaid balance on a Visa card from 1999 through a bank called "Providian".  A simple Google search reveals that there is no such bank ... this bank name is fabricated and is used by phishers to dupe people into releasing valuable information such as credit card numbers.The woman claimed I owed $690.  I asked her to identify the company she worked for and she said simply "Chris Adams", with the implication that I should know who that is (this is a common phishing tactic).  I asked who "Chris Adams" is and she said "That is who I work for."  She was only interested in getting a debit card number to "pay off the balance".I told her I was suspicious, that I work in computer security and that she was behaving exactly like a phisher.  She pretended to be unfamiliar with the term and tried to laugh it off telling me I was "crazy" (another common phishing tactic).  She tried to laugh it off but I got the impression she knew I was on to her.  When I refused to give her any numbers she said she'd have to report this amount as income to the IRS and I ended the call.A collection agency will identify itself, as will a law firm.  They will contact you through correspondence, and if you insist on not paying anything until you get a formal request in writing, they will be fine with that.  If you absolutely refuse, they may mention that it will affect your credit rating or that they will be forced to pursue further legal action.
203-683-0264 Jodi
This is a collection agency. They will call and talk in fake accents and tell you that they have your name as a job reference and ask you to call them back. They even tell you the name of the person who put down as a reference but it's always a false person.
203-683-0172 sneezybreezy
Received call from this number. Phone rang three times real quick and then the connection went dead, obviously they hung up. This type of call is intrusive and unwanted.

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