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Browsed Number: 2066666635 | Location Code : 206 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Amy, this is how it works: They send you a check that is larger than the rent with instructions to wire the difference via Western Union either back to the caller or to a 3rd-party like their movers. This scam works on the difference in time it takes to process a check back to the originating bank and the time it takes to process a WU wire; the former is days, the latter is hours. The scammer will have your money in hand long before your bank finds out the check is fake. You'll be held liable for the money you send them and may be prosecuted for passing a bad check. Example: You've $500 in your account. You deposit their $5,000 check (account=$5,500) and wire $1,000 to their movers for moving expenses (account=$4,500). When the check comes up bad, your account is 4500-5000=-$500 in the red and the scammer has $1,000 of your money. Never ever agree to any deal (rent a cottage, buy a car, apply for work as a financial agent, etc.) where you have to wire money away for a check or an electronic deposit because you are in effect acting in the capacity of a bank for the other party, and should their check/deposit come up bad, you'll lose the money you've wired them and you could be prosecuted for a bad check or money laundering. Beware the scammers are constantly inventing new stories for the same scam. Stay safe on the net!

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Usually I don't, but her reply was vague enough that the question seemed valid.  Just asked if it was still available, which prompted me to reply back to ask what dates.  But I agree, the long winded emails that are clear they didn't read your ad I just hit delete.  Earlier post said it was an ID theft scam.
I did not respond..my ad was very clear as to what i offered and when i get a response that appears clearly not have to even read the ad or they would not be asking the ...I do not respond.

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