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United States
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Called 6 times in a row in the past few minutes.  First time was the recorded lady that pretended she couldnt hear. Called again & asked for boss. Had this site up and knew was a scam so didnt pass over to my boss. So the next 4 times they called they blocked their number and suddenly...I PRETENDED I couldn't hear them...too funny and they seem to have finally given up...Just happy to enjoy a good laugh on a Friday.

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Lady called and acted like she was having trouble with her phone.   She called back, but I didn't answer.  I get lots of calls looking for investors, and often I sound interested.  I figure if I take up several hours of their time over the course of 6 months, at least they are leaving someone else alone.  Also, I feel if more people just wasted their time, they might actually go out of business. Wishful thinking probably.
Called today looking for investors to make movies. Asked some pretty personal questions. Identified themselves as Enhanced Entertainment. Asked me information that I have a hard time believing will qualify anyone to actually invest. I wish the authorities would take a deeper look into these types of calls. It's obvious they are operators...but the reality of the situation is that i'm not giving anyone who calls me out of the blue a damn cent of my money.
A woman identified herself as Christine Kelly from Enhance.  She said a Bob Ritter gave the referral to call our President of the company who is my husband.  I asked her what it was in regards to and she said "new business adventures" when I asked for specifics she hung up on me. I called back and got a recorded answering machine just restating the number.  I am so sick of spam.  It over takes our life.
I got a call today that sounded like a recording of a woman who seemed to be having trouble with her phone and asking if I could hear her.  It was strange
Called my unpublished home number.
I  saw this on TV.  had the same issue saying hector was from the  Realestate  law firm and that Mr pratt was the attorney
Call came from a Hector who says that he works for Real Estate Law Center Out of CA. The law office of Chad T-W Pratt. He was offering me help with my HFBC mortage loan. They had a great presentation but wanted $6,000.00 to take my case. I am a little unsure of this. But what he said did make sense and sounded good. There are just so many scams out there. I would love to keep my home but I think that it is time to cut my loses.
This number has called over 40 times in the past two days, saying that my auto loan has been approved then asked me what kind of car I drive.  Such a scam and stupid i mean really if I had applied for a loan obviously they would already have that information.  Same number called man said his name was James Brown and that I was approved for a payday loan.  This is a SCAM......
Preslee Koch
they keep calling my house all the time and everytime i answer im mad bc they just wont quit and they hang up on me from the comments ive seen they all say they feel its a scam i just want them to quit calling me its starting to get really annoying

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