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226 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 226 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 226 Series

226-374-6704 Anonymous
2018-06-20 00:44:58
lmfao....This just so happens to be my number so any references of negativity is pure fricken nonsense so this web site is fraudulent and may be further investigated by the authorities ….
226-444-0055 Anonymous
2018-03-28 20:35:35
226-777-3038 Mike Basler
[removed:spam]665 Adelaide Street North Suite #1014 London, Ontario N5Y 5P4
226-777-2871 Mike
Called my cell phone and hung up when I answered.
226-777-1413 Nicole
Got a call from this number. No message left.
226-777-0986 nefoundlander
got a call saying I won a trip To disney world, dsaid he was from America, (area code if from Ontario though) He said they had my e-mail address and D.O.B and I had to verify it, of course I did not varify it,a nd told the fellow that he could have my trip, asked him how he got the information he had, and said he had it because I was an active Visa Card holder, told him I didn't have a Visa for years, and then he said well it must be from a Mastercard, I told him straigh up that he just messed up, and to take my trip, he had my permission via a verbal agreement over the phone.  as soon as I asked him his name and where he was from, he hung up.  Please don't verify any information out over the phones people.
226-777-0986 cavepiggy
Have been getting daily calls from this number.Usually between 9:30 and 11:30 am...they sit and listen while you say"hello" over and over.Well a new twist was added today..my mother who is in her early 80s answered and the"person" on the other end proceeded to tell her what he wanted to do to her sexually.My mother is now terribly upset.If I find out who is responsible for saying such filth to her they better hope the company they are calling for is an ambulance or a hospital.Truly disgusting!
226-777-0940 Why?
Just got a call from that number, my g-f answered, looked offended, handed me the phone and a lady (she can't remember her name) from America?!? was stating what she knew about her: e-mail adress and where she lived... asking her if that was all correct.  Seemed like a scam to me.... This number appears to be coming from London, Ontario... But what's interesting is "lady's" from "America" seem to be calling from all sorts of numbers across America wanting to no more...  ABOUT YOU!  But actually they try to get you interested (or at least get your attention)  by stating things that should be personnal, that some schmuck 2000 miles away shoud not know about you, and they will try to sell you something.  Or get your credit card number.  Either way, enjoy your facebook!
226-777-0940 what the hell
I just received a call, they asked for me and my husband said i was not home, he said tell **** to call back shawn and hung up. didn't leave a number or reason just hung up. explain that.
226-777-0940 samantha
just got a call from this said it was michelle from america saying i had won a disney vacation ya ok sure, and I only had to pay a fee of 200 dollars per person. had my birthday name and that I owned a credit card.
226-777-0940 me
this number called me and asked if this is ***** and i said yes and then they hung up whats with that and who is it?
226-777-0940 Brenda
This number called me, I do not answer calls that I dont know.  They did not leave a message I googled it and have found its crap . . .
226-777-0940 anoyed
all they said was can u hear me,should report this number,
226-777-0940 anthony20 mins ago
they said you gonna die   lolololol
226-777-0920 Myra
Yes,  I have gotten a call from 226-777-0920, and they ask for my eleven years old son, they never say who they are, why they are calling. I ask why they are looking for my son? I am concern parents, so I've called the police.
226-777-0920 Judy
I have gotten five different calls from 5 different numbers , and they all say I have won a trip to DisneyAnd when I tell them I dont enter those kind of contest,they read back to me all my info about myselfThen get mad when I tell them I dont want the tripyes its another scam
226-777-0920 Chris.
I have gotten 3 calls in the last 3 days, all with the same as what K.Watson said.  It was all my information, they also said the website I entered on was the one that is my own company website.So far the numbers have come from 226-777-0920, 514-400-9326 and 780-800-2375This is getting ridiculous.  I can guarantee the are fishing for credit card information to "Hold"or "Guarantee" the free trip.
226-777-0920 Pierre
Same thing happened to me.. Knew my name, e-mail address and my cell phone number. The thing is, only a few people know my cell phone since its new. I find this very odd. If anyone knows, please tell further.
226-777-0920 K.Watson
Received a call at 10:24 PM on January 11, 2011 that we had won a trip to Disney in Florida.  They knew my Date of birth, and my company we site address.  He said he was calling from America, did not mention which company and said I entered via my company website.  Not sure if they realized I was the owner of the company.
226-777-0919 Pits Burry
Okay then perharps they got my phone call with paypal credit card, cause I have mastercard...and I use that,I don't know, maybe that's that...A little weird though that they find our phone number if like you said it is for a trip, it's kindascary sometimes thoses things you never know if a hacker got your credit card infos, hopefully not!well Anyway thanks for having take time to reply here!
226-777-0919 kelsam
Just got a call and they told me I won a trip. They started talking about being a loyal visa user. I ask where they got  my phone and they said I entered online I asked what site and she said there where lots of site where I would have entered.At that  point I told she did not enter site to win a trip and I said goodbye!
226-777-0919 Pits Burry
I got the same call too but they call at my mom house and ask for me...just so weird sinceI did'nt give I think my mom phone number for quite awhile...I made a search and it's seem to came from London,Ontario maybe, if I'm not wrong...I think it's part of a company that recently I had join and then stop following.Company name is Primerica that I give up actually but not cause I did'nt trust them, butcause I actually dislike the work and that's all...if you 2 have join that company, maybethat's where the phone number came from, if so I would wish you to be sure and reply to seefor myself too if I am right or not about where came from that phone number...Maybe with those informations I just gave and with your opinions we might be more sureabout it...ty to read me and sorry if my english is not really good, not my main language :P
226-777-0919 Lyndsay
Me too... I just missed the call
226-777-0919 Ethan
I wanted to know who owns this phone number.
226-777-0918 karl
got the same caller id ...no one whas there
226-777-0918 Alex
they called, it rang once then they hung up
226-777-0918 hannuymon
she did that to me too
226-777-0918 annie
They call me at 9 pm saying i'm a finalist for a Disney trip. She give my birthdate, email, etc...
226-777-0918 kim
this number called us today also and they asked for us by first names. I was not home for it
226-777-0918 Juan
that ph# just called and i heard an automated voice saying "goodbye" then i called back and its unlisted wtf

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