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Browsed Number: 2393007107 | Location Code : 239 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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This creepo called and threatened to ruin my life over some carpet installation.  I don't install carpet and never have...
Called and never answered then I called back and it went to voicemail.... Very creepy.
Diane Horner
Oh thank you so much. You have helped me a lot. :)
catch em
i found out what this is if you are recieving a call from this number it is from some one you probably know they use this number on a website for free phone call apps so this number can be used by anyone and stay anonamous it had nothing to do with the woman i had mentioned before she used the app to call out of canada  with no  intention of anything illegal
THis was illegiately a number for Bob Thompson is supposedly in charge of the FInancial Dept for Secret Shopper. He sent me 2 money orders for $980 that proved to be fradulent after calling Moneygram!! It is indeed a scam and he needs to be caught....
catch em
almost a month and a half ago i recieved a call from this number from a girl i met on a website(fling.com) her screen name is miss canadagirl. she told me her real name was tracy . i tried to find out more about her and she broke off the friendship last week. she claims to be from edmondton AB Canada she also told me she worked in the warranty department of a motorsports shop and that she had a 19 and 12 your old i came up with a last name on a myspace acount and the descriptions fit the profile from the website and had a last name of duchscer but also said she was 2 years younger the email address that matched up is speedo1972 witch coensided with her being 39 or 40 but myspace had her birth date as 01/23/1975 i hope this information helps and i hope they aren't doing anything to me.the other # she had for text was 702-814-7748 and it belongs to evoice

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