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Browsed Number: 2484983809 | Location Code : 248 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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User Comments for 2484983809

People please please please DO NOT answer calls you don't know who they are from.  If they are a legit company they will A: show up on caller I.D. as that company or 2: Leave a message, if neither happens you may have dodged a bullet.  If they know someone answers the calls may not stop. So just ignore them.

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Cindy Page-Goad
I continue to receive calls from 248-498-3809. When I answer, they either hang up or the call is dropped perhaps.The last time they called, the caller said, "hello, I'm kevin calling from HH Gregg..", then, the line went dead. I did buy something from HH Gregg a year ago and it had a warranty. I have been reading that this is why they are calling. Can you please put me a a DO NOT CALL list or something? I am going to try to block from my phone.Thank you,Cindy Page-Goad
HH Gregg Appliance Customer
Seems as if you bough an appliance from HH Gregg one year prior to when they start calling that they are trying to get you to extend the warranty on the appliance that you purchased.  I have asked them to stop calling but they don't.  Rather annoying don't you think.  Will definitely make me think twice before shopping at HH Gregg again...though I like the store.  This is not HH Gregg actually calling...but they do have the power to stop the bad practice as they are selling our sales data to this annoying vendor ... which is likely NEW  National Electronic Warranty.  Maybe these two named companies will have enough social conscience to stop the b***s*** on our behalf.  Are you listening HH Gregg.  You probably sold me your last appliance.....

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