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Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 250 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 250 Series

250-216-0460 Anonymous
2018-09-27 07:12:51
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250-216-0460 Anonymous
2018-08-27 11:55:33
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250-384-4429 Anonymous
2018-03-08 20:28:14
number trying to sell me tickets to a variety show over the phone for volunteer fire fighters seems sketchy to me
250-277-8044 connie
2015-04-28 06:03:37
Got a call from this number and some guy was sounding mad and saying that he was tired of getting notes with my number on it. He then proceeded to tell me that i was probably ugly and he called to ask me out out of pity. Long story short hes a dick and i still dont know wtf is going on
250-359-7049 MC
2014-10-19 06:49:35
A lady with a East Indian accent called on a Saturday night (7:55pm) looking for my daughter who had a baby two weeks ago. She said it was in regards the government grant for the baby. What government office call on a Saturday night???
250-453-2283 Ray
Got a call from this number. The caller did not leave any message.
250-453-2259 Jon
no messages was left.
250-453-2250 Kendra
I ignored the call.
250-453-2209 Claire
Called on my phone home twice, left a slient message with 2 heavy inhaling breaths. A bit scary.
250-453-1648 KC215
Called cell phone 3 times in last 2 weeks.  No message ever left.
250-452-9987 nunya
Real true frickin scam do not go along with this crap.  I got ripped off and am currently filing a lawsuit just out of principal and plan to shut them down!!
250-452-9987 Chaney
Recieved a call from Ava claiming she had two interested preapproved buyers for my vehicle.
250-452-9987 maggie
Received call from "Ava" from forsalebyowner-autos claiming to have 2 preapproved buyers and wants to sell my car for $1000 more than I am asking.  She sent me an email with the terms and conditions, but the refund policy requires me to mail back a form to a Canadian address.  Her email also is from Hotmail and not the company's name.  She wanted my credit card and I told her I needed to see the agreement and I would call her back.  Then I did a search and found out about the scam.
250-452-9987 Troy DanDurand 612-282-0400
Ava called. I committed to $169 with a 30 day guarantee.  Visa Purchase (non-pin) One World Importesquimalt Bc         $182.83 ... The amount she told me is not the same amount taken from my account. They did take the money from my account. Ava's message, which I have saved, mentioned the reason for her call was she had 2 buyers in the St. Cloud area interested in purchasing my car. I have not heard from either one. I sent an email to Ava requesting follow through. I have only been scammed once before, however I did find them ... :)
250-452-9987 Private Ad auto seller
an "expanding Canadian company located @ Victoria BC near US border" - as stated per Ava Hnatiw - ava.forsalebyowner-autos@hotmail.com who calls from 250-452-9987 - fax 888-286-1840 ?Below is from email attached 'Appendixes': "We currently accept payments via Visa, Visa Cheque Card, and MasterCard & Debit with an expiry date.  We do also accept personal & certified checks however we are unable to process an account until the funds have cleared which takes much more time then a credit card transaction.  All checks must bve sent via 1 day shipping to our Headquarters address. (where?) car ads mostly with no pictures ? Claim from http://www.forsalebyowner-autos.com website:With 30-day Money back guarantee form & Terms of Agreement - attached via email sent ???"The Private Seller Classified Network has grown greatly since its induction in 2003. We have set a proven benchmark in auto selling innovation with our creative marketing concepts. The "Private Seller" approach to profile listings is also far more easier for buyers to find the right vehicle to suit their needs as most buyers feel overwhelmed by the presence of dealer ads and the actual thought of having to deal with a dealer when wanting to purchase a vehicle. What we do as a company is; Through direct marketing and advertising we try and find buyers from every corner of the United States & also the United Kingdom. We offer a house financing service to go along with a bad credit loan resource to maximize the amount of clients we receive. All clients wishing to receive an auto loan with us are required to choose a vehicle that suits their needs that is listed on our website ONLY. We constantly search seller ads to meet the needs of our financed clients as our website contains only a select amount of seller's profiles that have been directly requested as a vehicle of interest by the client. This service has a 95% sell through rate for the selected sellers and a 98% buy percent by every pre-financed buyer. We currently have 30 offices in operation including one in Europe and will have 3 more in the United States by 2008. "
250-452-9987 Private Ad auto seller
So did you or anyone commit to the $169 30-day sale guarantee refund from them yet ?  Who was your 'agent' ?  Plz check out their website and let me know. THANKS MUCH.  This lady sounds so professional and nice and seems to work in 'her office 7 days a week'.  I asked why 'her company site' http://www.forsalebyowner-autos.com/index.php would not have c/c payment option & she said it would not be safe then I told her every business site has that hack safe feature then she said they will work on it very soon..?
250-452-9987 Scion Freak
They claim they can sell your car for $169.00 within one week.  They claim to even have buyers ready.
250-452-6969 bob
I have my car listed on cars.com and received a call from a Private number, person said their name was Kaylyn and that they worked for "forsalebyowner-autos".  Told me I could call them back at 780-640-3036.  Google that number and you will see this same thread over there too.I got the same pitch, had 2 buyers lined up and for $169 they guaranteed i'd sell for my asking price and if not there was a 30 day money back guarantee.  Like the old saying goes, if it's too good to be true it probably is.  This is a total scam, don't fall for it.  Way too many other people with the exact same pitch for this to just be a random coincidence.Also, received an email from "Storm Phoenix", email address "storm.forsalebyowner@gmail.com", which was funny because the woman who called me was Kaylyn and the email was signed by Kaylyn.  Again, scam tactics all the way.  A professional business would have their own email domain not use gmail, and this so called Kaylyn would have her own address and not use one with a different name.These people should be put out of business permanently as they are obviously ripping people off left and right.  Please don't give them any money, luckily I didn't fall for the scam however lots of others haven't been as fortunate.
250-452-6969 troy
jay, can you share with me the name and phone number of the buyer who purchased your vehicle please...troy 612 282 0400
250-452-6969 jay
i got a call from toni 3 weeks ago to list my truck i gave her my info and card number and my truck sold in a week and a half for more than i was even asking for who could ask for more than that..it is a great service helped me!!! you people should find lives not everything involving the internet is a scam and i hope you all feel stupid about what you have said on here! this service was great and my truck sold faster on there than the 4 other sites i had it on so to you all i bet you haven't sold your car or truck yet and i hope you all feel like dumb a**'s get lives and maybe a friend to talk to then you wouldn't feel the need to vent on a site like a loser...!!!!
250-452-6969 Brandon Gibson
Dont fall for this stupid scam i just got the same thing. A female named storm called me said she had two buyers that were pre approved for 1000 more than what i was asking on cars.com. She said she was going to send me an email and that it was a up front charge of $169. I stupidly gave them my card number right there. Well I was in a hurry and didnt get the full website or something because I couldnt find there site so I tried to call them to get it. The bogus phone number she gave me took me to somebody different named Sasha which had a full message box and didnt pick up the entire day(250-749-7255). I immediatly got supsicious and canceled my card. Storm calls me back the next day and says my card didnt go through and thats when i mentioned the better buisness bereau and what not and that i was suspicious of them being a scam. I got Storms personal number (780-640-3036) and called her back after i found this to tell her she is running a scam and I was going to report their so called company and she basicaly tried to tell me that they werent and were sorry I felt that way and hung up. The funny thing was is she never sent me an email, never gave me a reciept or purchase number, its a private number when they call, its a canadian number, there website doesnt work, you cant find them in the better buisness bereau website ( www.bbb.com), and they obviously scamed others just like me except i canceled my card in time.
250-452-6969 R Biswas
I too was given the same exact pitch, except the lady's name was Storm.
250-452-6969 Casey
I received a call from Toni on Oct. 17th.  She sent me an email also and in that it said that their website was down and being fixed to be more user friendly, and said that she already has 2 buyers pre-approved for finance of $1,000 over what I am asking for my vehicle.  She said to get it done she needs $169.00 to get the ball rolling.  Thanks for posting that this is a scam.
250-452-6969 Dario Monroy
This is a SCAM!  The woman named Toni said she had two buyers ready for my car offering to pay over $1000 of what I listed it in Cars.com.    She said she worked with the "Private Seller Network"  and all I would have to do is pay an upfront fee of $169.  I asked her for a website and more info and she sent me a very poorly written email with the following bogus website:www.forsalebyowner-auto.comIt is a scam!  Stay out of it.  The phone number is for Canada too, not even in the U.S!
250-452-2289 Pierre B
Who are those peoples.........
250-452-2289 Ponooch
They called, didn't reply when I answered, then hung up. The call was Oct 4, 2012. When I called the number right back the operator said this number was no longer in use!!!
250-451-2422 someone
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha stuoid
250-450-9840 StephT
Repeated calls on my cell - no message left. Just wondering who it is without calling it.
250-449-8851 Ruth
Got a call on my cell.
250-449-5042 CeeCee

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