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260 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 260 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 260 Series

260-239-0966 Anonymous
2018-06-18 17:44:30
260-440-7742 JJ
Collection Agency - Balentine & Kabartis!
260-440-7720 Debtor
LTD Financial Services
260-440-7674 Bridget
Any idea who could call from this phone number.
260-440-7657 Susan
Received a phone call from this number. No message left.
260-440-7549 Ostin
bill collector, looking for a guy with my last name.
260-440-7381 Whitney
I keep getting phone calls from that number.
260-440-7085 Brenda
This number keeps calling.
260-440-7013 John
Five calls in the last two hours. There ought to be a law - if you're going to call me, identify yourself. If it's a sales call, I should be able to say no thanks one time.
260-440-7013 Joe Scrunch
Entered this number on my phone for sending directly to VM with 'silent' ringtone.  Next?
260-440-7013 Cosa Nostra
Their day is coming................SOON.
260-440-7013 Brian
I am on the NO CALL LIST but get calls all the time for this, want to lower your intrest rates
260-440-7013 fed up mom
I got another call from this number. I did not answer, they left message claiming to lower credit card rates. I have unlisted number and am on do not call registry. I reported it on do not call registry, but it never stops them. Wondering if our government agencies actually do their jobs....
260-440-7013 Bob
Pre recorded message saying they can lower my credit card rates. Ive received this exact same call from several numbers over the past year, they probably make millions of calls they just switch numbers. Reported to do not call, for whatever good it does.
260-440-7013 j
Me too..just a minute ago.
260-440-7006 Florida
They left a message abou lowering our credit card rates..
260-440-7006 Minnesota
Its a marketing call. I called it back
260-440-7006 Minnesota
Never left a message. called me at 1105am 7/6/12
260-440-7006 Donna Spfld IL
Never left a message.  Called 1114a Central on 7/5/12
260-440-7006 steve
Called.  Left no message.
260-440-7006 E
Just got one.
260-440-6786 Freddy
Called and left no message.
260-440-6355 Blake
Crazy female keep calling me, am in another state mind u
260-440-6355 Onica
Crazy bi*** callin my phone!!!!!
260-440-3516 Adeline
Left an automated message on voicemail asking for a Juan Sanchez to press 1 to talk to a representative. My 9 year old daughter's T-Mobile phone (574 area code) keeps getting calls from the Fort Wayne area, with suspiciously similar numbers.  At the cost of $2 a day when used, we don't answer unknown callers.  They leave minute long voicemails that are completely silent.  I assume it's a debt collector as in the past we've had many debt collectors calling for the last person who owned this number (who according to K-Mart layaway is still giving our number out 6 months after it became ours).Possibly Associated with:260-440-3499 <- Left silent voicemail260-494-1589 <- Left silent voicemail260-494-1416 <- Left silent voicemail260-494-1413 <- Left silent voicemail
260-440-3516 Misha
More robot calls.
260-440-3516 stopcallingme
calls and leaves no message
260-440-3515 jojo
this number is associated with 866-996-1535.  The don't give a company name.
260-440-3505 Rachel
Anyone else getting calls from this number?
260-440-3498 Nate
Keeps calling without giving any information other than they're a DRS whatever that means, very rude and they keep hanging up

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