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Browsed Number: 2602479266 | Location Code : 260 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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User Comments for 2602479266

beep minnich
this number keeps callin and when i anwser no one says anything. I try to call back the number and all i get is "ALL LINES ARE BUSY,CALL BACK LATER" its makin me mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Diana Cox
This number comes up on my phone alot, won't leave a message, don't know who it is.
This number has called my phone over a dozen times an never says any thing have no clue as to who or what they want
Lance Cordill
Since signing up for several "paid survey" and "sweepstakes" websites, this is one of the tele numbers that repeatedly calls and NEVER leaves a message.
UNKNOWN caller
Thgese idiots keep texting me......for junk cars.......when I call to talk to them they hang up the phone....guess I can send them a certified letter huh.
I had the same thing happen just now on FEB262009 around 5pm est.  Indiana or hindu accent from united states government offering a grant of $5000 for filing my taxes on time. I asked where he got my info and he just repeated himself giving no new info.   told him I was not interested and to discard any and all of my personal info he had and I was reporting the number to the FBI and secret service fraud units.  He then hung up on me.
The person on the other end of the line said his name is Jason Allen and he is with the Grant Processing Center for the United States government.  They said that they needed to "verify my personal information" because I was eligible for a $5000 grant because I had a good criminal history record.  I knew this was a scam because of local BBB warnings by googling the number.  I then became agressive on the phone and asked how he feels ripping people off etc and then he told me to "keep mum" while he explains what he needs from me. He had what seemed to be an Indian accent.
"James King" called and said we won 2.5 million dollars and a 2008 Cadillac.  All we had to do was wire $150.00 to Floyd Francis in St. James Jamaica and make sure we keep the receipt to show to the "delivery guy" (from IPS Delivery Service, he said).  Caller ID showed "Intl number" 1-876-344-2997.  It's bogus too.  Got a call a few minutes later from "Clay Barnes" the "delivery guy" wanting to deliver today!  No caller ID info.  When I asked for a return phone number, he wanted to know why.  I told him I wanted to check him out.  The call disconnected immediately.
annoying don't leave meassages as who is calling

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