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301 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 301 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 301 Series

301-761-3988 brain
This number called claiming to be DEA about online pharmacy. This scam has been around awhile, they try to scare you into sending money. They can sound very official at first but when you tell them you did not order any medication they go beserk. They say it was 18-24 months ago, hoping you will think something happened that you are unaware of. Do not fall for it.
301-761-3789 Barbara
They keep calling and no one is there.
301-761-3786 Xavier
Answered the call. The caller hung up.
301-761-3508 Ethan
no voice message
301-761-3071 Joyce
Shows up as a missed call.
301-761-1613 annoyed
We have received 5 phone calls this evening from this number. We recieved 3 calls asking for donations for police and 2 hangups. This is ridiculous.
301-761-1613 fed up
Claims to represent several police agencies.  Will not take no for an answer.  Calls over and over using several different phone numbers.
301-761-1213 Monica
Received phone call. Did not answer.
301-760-7741 andean
somebody is calling my son
301-760-7528 nick
who are you
301-760-7455 Paula
Got a phone call from this number. The caller left no message.
301-760-7404 Nina
calls cell phone
301-760-7302 Ed
faxes ads to my fax machine.
301-760-7161 pops
got msg on cell "customer issue, eppi card frozen, please call at 301 760 7242"  I did not call the number since I'm not aware of any problems with any of my credit cards...
301-760-7161 A
Called and lied about name.  Finally left message and said to ask for Mark
301-760-7094 Ellen
Called me at work.
301-760-7009 Seth
Got a call from this phone number.
301-760-4915 Jane
Text message sent to my work cell it read: "customer issue, Harris Bank service frozen. call at 301 760 4915"
301-760-4042 Joan
Received phone call. Did not answer.
301-760-4014 Dennis
no voice message
301-758-6990 lynnel
Keep getting a call from this number. They won't talk only listens and then texts me. Would like to knowwho it is. I suspect it maybe and old stalker.
301-758-4499 Lied to
I got a call from this person named Amante saying he had a bunch of old electronics he would sell or give some pieces to me. He made a production about how he keeps his promises and insisted I would get first choice, etc. He went on to say how he has girlfriends in Midlothian Va and in Md where he lives. Also boasting about how much he makes each year and does not claim it on taxes. I doubted Rob. M's promises and in the end found my doubt was right. Two months later he called back saying he had not forgotten me and he would get with me about the deal within a couple of weeks. Nothing for some months so I called him to find out why I was lied to. He said he had sold the equipment to a ham who had money in his pocket a month after he first told me about the equipment saying how much he got and how "that made my day". I asked him why he would bother to call a month after he had sold what was promised to me. No reply. I got on him for lying to me and he insisted I was wrong to be mad saying "You should be happy I made money and someone else got what I promised to you" and gave some doubletalk about how not keeping promises is lying. His own website states he only deals in cash transactions and how when he cleans places out, the business must give the unwanted property to him, not sell it to him. He also hides his address, street and email and has bogus information about his address in a whois lookup of his site. Obviously paranoid of his illegal and immoral life catching up with him. Obviously he likes to lie and scam everyone he can. NEVER deal with this warm body in any way!
301-757-0516 Anthony
No one spoke.
301-755-9961 Linda
I feel for it downloaded program and boom laptop is hit with a virus. Won't log onto windows. These people are sick.
301-755-9961 Tom
I got the same boguss text from 301-755-9961 about my Craigslist ad.
301-755-9961 Lisa
I got a call from number 301-755-9961 ask me if I wanted to trade on craigslist for this and sent me a thing I could not view . So I am taking it that it's spam. Or someone trying to steal info on people. Do not like this.
301-755-9961 Mark
Same thing ad on CL this number texted me at 4am....  i knew it was BS then
301-755-9961 Andy
Got a text from (301) 755-9961It was a response to an ad I placed on Craigslist.  It was a very generic statement which raised my suspicions immediately "Hi, I saw your jewelry ad".  The ad was for a watch, so anyone responding legitimately would have said something closer to "Hi, I saw the ad for your watch".  Like one of the posters above, it wanted me to click on a link, likely a virus.  Makes me wonder what kind of sick A-holes have nothing better to do than sit around finding ways to either sabotage other peoples' computers or phones, or find a way to download spyware to hack bank accounts or whatever.  Seems that people have too much free time these days.  Perhaps the ones who choose not to work need to be allowed to starve a little bit.  Perhaps if they spent the same amount of their time figuring out how to eat, they'd not have the time for mischief.
301-755-9961 Amy
I got a text from them today and unfortunatly fell for it. Hopefully I can delete this program quick! Thanks for the help though, I would've never known.
301-755-9961 mw
Got the same thing, referencing a post on Craigs List.

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