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303 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 303 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 303 Series

303-219-9760 Anonymous
2018-06-11 19:18:32
They call repeatedly every day! What can be done to report them?
303-473-1035 Anonymous
2018-04-26 06:05:08
Called 2x no msg
303-233-3912 Good Dog Hot Dogs Catering - Denver Metro Area
2015-07-02 22:58:35
Called and did not leave a message.
303-221-3202 Annoyed at constant phone calls
2015-03-06 01:55:40
Who are these people? Low forms of scum and life harassing people out of money? Why can't our gov do anything and they leave this up to us.. They need to find a life then a job.. I think the best way is to maybe just harass these people who call to the point they may look for a real job? Yea that's it... Lol
303-502-1403 Mike from denver
Got a call from this number answered no responses, from the looks of a scam and should be reported
303-502-1403 Matt
They asked me if i wanted to cash in my structured settlement
303-502-1403 Chris from Denver
I have received at least four (4) calls from this number. All of the calls come between 17:00 and 18:00. No message. I've redialed the number and spoken to "One and Only Locksmith" each time. They say they have no record of calling me and there must be a mistake.
303-502-1403 Jill from Denver
I got an unwanted call from this number. Caller ID just said "Ft. Lupton, CO". I did not answer and they left no message.
303-502-1198 Micheal
Kept getting calls from this number with no messages left.  I called back and an answering machine comes on from WN employment options asking if you want to talk to a representative for employment options or you can remove yourself from their calling list by pressing 9.
303-502-1198 dcso's enemy
Don't despair chum.  You may not be able to make them stop, but you sure can hinder them.Do this, I promise it will work.How to stop intrusive calls - what worked for me.I set up a old spare desktop in my basement and installed phonetray.  It TOTALLY works at blocking telemarketing, unavailable, out of area and private numbers automatically.  It also blocks any number you choose just by adding it into a database.  It is free and has been doing a fabulous job!http://www.phonetray.com/Yes, you need a dial-up modem installed in your machine but it does not interfere with your high-speed dsl or cable modem in any way.  I simply installed an internal modem, made sure it was functioning and recognized by the computer, then plugged a phone cord from the "line" jack on the modem to an unused telephone jack in the basement wall.  Thats it!  took no more than 10 minutes.  The computer you install it to must be on at all times for it to work properly.When a call comes through, phonetray intercepts it and checks the number (or lack of a number) against a database.  If its unwanted for any reason, the call never rings, and simply makes the line go dead.  It will even play a message or send a disconnection tone to the calling number if you wish.  You can also tell it to block numbers based on the caller-id name, area code, or partial suffix/prefix of any number. It automatically blocks 800/888/877/866/Out of Area/NA/Private numbers. Finally, it logs the date and time, type of call, and number into a database which you can check out later on 800notes
303-502-1198 dcso
Sorry Jerry.  Not anything can be done from here.  This is a discussion board and nothing else.
303-502-1198 jerry anderson
please make them stop
303-502-1198 West Virginia
No message left.
303-502-1198 purplecpa
keep getting calls from this number want to stop
303-502-1198 So Fla resident
CAlled my cell phone this morning at 9:15. No messge left. Caller ID said "CO, USA".
303-502-1198 WV Resident
Called my cell phone twice yesterday, once at noon, the other at 7:22pm. Did not leave a message either time.
303-502-1198 marilynGrandLake
Call rec'd but no message.  I'm on the NO CALL list!  shouldn't be getting solicitation calls.
303-502-1198 Sandy
WN Physicians Employment Options
303-502-1198 CD
WN Physicians about job placement. Said they tracked the number while I was online. They offer to remove the number if you call it back.
303-502-1198 Wv
Call and no message.
303-502-1184 Chris
I don't know who is calling me.
303-501-7224 kaileena
Skilled Tradesrecruiters
303-501-4888 Doesn't Matter
This person calls people and begs for money
303-501-4744 Leonard
Who owns the number?
303-501-4356 jdhuun
they send me a weird text message
303-501-2675 Edward
I got the exact same call and said her name was Janine or Janeen and she was with US Bank.  She knew my name and address, as well as my phone #.  Agree--odd that a bank is asking me to verify if a certain neighbor lives across the street from me.
303-501-2675 MJ
I got a call from this number, the woman said she is looking for an Ashley Fuel who lives next door to me and used my husbands name as a contact. She said she is with US BANK. I asked her if this was a collection agency and she said she is just calling contacts and my husband was listed as one for Ashley and they need to get a hold of her. Odd, but worth blocking because no company I knows would ask me to verify if there is an Ashley who lives next door!
303-501-2675 Some1
Collection agency
303-501-2675 Tiffany
unknown call calling every day
303-501-2671 Some1
Collection agency for USBank

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