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Browsed Number: 3034744174 | Location Code : 303 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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just got a call from this company forgot the name think its. InternationalMagazineService but dont know know.... but ya they called me checking if i like the maxim subscription. which i was getting for free i thought for a year. from a web site. gizmodo.com link site. which said for a year. which i will never do again now.... bla. after the call the guy told me to tell his supervisor that he was great caller. or some thing. and switched over to the sup. then started talking about my 64 month subscription. and asked me for my cc#. which he told me i should be getting 5 mag's a month or some thing. and i dont remember subscribing to it. and i asked to cancel and he said i cant. and then I asked if i could cancel if i payed for the ones i got already. he said yes and he asked for my CC# so I could pay for them. I said i dont think i could tell him that some thing so personal when i dont even know if the company existed. so i asked again about canceling it.o ya while the talk they said they had my credit card number already. and i asked to check which one it was. so they keep asking. and ya.. bla. but they said that it was ** ***out. so then i was about to tell them. but ya no. Then he said he would call me back tomorrow. about it. or some thing. and hung up dint give him any thing but they have my address. and stuff. bla. I do remember subscribing to maxim for the 1 year free. but not the other thing. so ya just called my cc# to change the number. and also put my number on https://www.donotcall.gov. so hope it works. but if its need might have to pay it for that 64 months. and maybe. get some magz. but dont know. bla.

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they keep calling me early in the morning, don't know who it is.

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