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305 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 305 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 305 Series

305-202-1208 Anonymous
2018-12-14 14:30:37
I do consider all the ideas you have introduced for your post. They are really convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for beginners. Could you please prolong them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.
305-944-2685 Anonymous
2017-11-15 18:01:57
Receive numerous recorded calls from this number.
305-999-9999 chris
2015-03-23 16:04:12
This is very annoying, I've been getting a private caller number that says GOODBYE when our answer machine is activated or I answer ...this last time this number came immediately after that private caller number at six am. Caller ID said yellow cab. I picked up and they said something I missed and hung up. It had to be the same peple or person.
305-441-1102 sara
llaman para que para regalar un producto para rebajar y robar la identidad ..... vayanse pal carajo y no jodan mas ..............
305-441-1102 ealeman
Lost call
305-441-0723 mj
I get daily calls from this number.
305-439-9761 Jacquie
I keep repeatedly recieving text messages from this number that says:"Congratulations, you have been selected for a FREE iPad! Enter Code: "6417" at apple.ca.iwinners.cc to get yours now. Only 19 left!"And I have no clue how to make them stop!!!
305-439-9268 Gina
I am a transsexual escort, and this old pig called me and made an appointment to see me. On the phone he told me he wanted me to wear a tight spandex revealing top, and some long tight spandex pants. Being an escort I am used to these types of requests, so I did not think anything was off. When I got to the hotel, I called him, at first he did not answer, then he called me 5 minutes later, saying he was running late. Ten minutes passed and at this point I was about to just leave, so he calls again and tells me to meet him in the corner, and I said no, either he went to the hotel or I would just leave, so he said he was already there, I never got out of my car because I had the eerie feeling I was being watched. I decided to leave the hotel, but in order to go where I was going i had to pass behind the hotel, there in the back cement gate on the sidewalk, I saw this old, bald fat douchy looking man, wearing some black slacks, dress shoes and a long sleeve pink shirt. Immediately I knew this was him, trying to see if his perverted a** could see me walk out of my car! I lowered my window, and yelled at him, "I know its you do***e bag!" He turned around stunned said "what?" I recognized his faggety voice, and he just ran off like a coward! Working girls BEWARE! THIS GUY IS A FLAKE AND A PERVERT AND A TIME WASTER!
305-439-9268 MiamiTS
This guy is a sick old b*****d that calls transsexual escorts, and makes fake appointments. He shows up to the location and hides behind a car, or whatever and peeks like a peeping tom at the transsexual. SICK SICK SICK.
305-439-9059 eileen
i got a text saying i won a 1000 dollar gift card from walmart. scam
305-439-9059 Nubia Brooks
This phone number texted my phone stating that "You WON!" and to go to www.CardConfirm.com to claim your $ 1000.00 Walmart Gift Card Now! is a scaM I went there and there is so many of the same website and nothing about walmart, and the phone number is from Florida. Walmart should watch out for these scammers using their name.
305-439-7709 Jacob
When I answered, nobody replied.
305-439-7290 Andrea
Any idea who this might be?
305-439-5035 Nina
Calls at least every other day.
305-439-5001 roger
repeated calls
305-439-3652 Bria
Got a phone call from this number. No message left.
305-439-1717 Toni
I need to find out who owns this number.
305-439-0952 laura mcknight
recevrd a text stating i was chosen to receive a  $1000.00 walmart gift card. They did'nt spell chosen right. spelled it choosen.
305-439-0690 Cole
Several calls from this number.
305-439-0390 MECY
305-438-9696 Sam
They keep callling my elderly mother asking for her claim number which is also her social security number. He became upset when I took over the phone call and we told him that we were not interested.
305-438-9696 Joseph Cooper & Cherrie Cooper
I have been receiving harrassing calls from this number.  I have never used them for my supplies.  they want me to give them my Medicare Card Number and my Insurance Card Number.  I don't trust them and I want them to stop calling me!!!
305-438-9696 Jeff
Keeps leaving a message from This is Rafael from Dr. Diabetic in regards to my three month shipment (which I don't have)
305-438-9696 diane
keeps calling and does leave a message  Doctor Diabetic
305-438-7799 girard gaskin
checking different number of calls i have gotten and don't know who these calls came from
305-438-7373 Marge
I receive calls from this number 7-10 times a day no message is ever left.  How do we stop these annoying  calls????  I entered my phone on the do not call list.
305-438-7373 BOB
A VERY BAD CALLER.Does not know how to properly use the phone to make sales.
305-438-7373 WILLIAM YATES
305-438-7373 bob
To Jim Grigg,You ARE NOT STUPID.It is Cinergy Health and the Telemarketers that are stupid.They would make sales if they changed their way AND WAS A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS CALLER.
305-438-7373 Jim Grigg
Lori Kightlinger - I did the same thing. Had forgotten that I put in a request for an "online quote". Didn't really want/expect continuous return calls (and they NEVER leave a message - Robo-Calls)! After I checked out their plans I discovered they were not very reputable. I have now blocked thier number from my home line. Hope they never get a hold of my cell number! But - it was my own doing/stupidity.

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