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Browsed Number: 3059536585 | Location Code : 305 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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User Comments for 3059536585

Its a generic number out of cuba. my fiancee is stationed there and anytime he calls this is the number that comes up.

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This number has called like 6 times in the past 3 days and never leaves a message.
Just got a call from this number, no message left.  Not sure WTF is going on...I thought it was a recruiter as I am looking for a job.  But looks like garden variety BS.
i find it interesting that this has been going on since 2007... i got a call at 1120pm last night and didnt care, so i ignored it... and when i called back, got a busy signal.  i find it weird that someone would be calling from a calling card that would last that long, so i looked it up... there is a land line by that number, and it comes out of Opa-locka, near Miami Gardens.  i find it kinda creepy actually...
Thanks for the comments, Yes it is a calling card #. If they are cranking you they are paying for it. the caller ID is was setup so you can allow or blockit. If you try to call it you go off to never never land. I try to keep an eye out on this site. Thanks
Cierto es!!!  Es el soldado (familar tuyo) tratando de llamarte....This is a call placed from an SCSI calling card from Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Naval Station to the United States or abroad. The call post from Miami Florida on your caller id as 305-935-6585

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