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306 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 306 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 306 Series

306-347-7688 Anonymous
2017-09-26 07:12:16
The name that comes up is SFCFS as a Regina Phone number
306-206-0431 Funny
2014-12-31 04:41:55
Why don't you call those weirdoes two or three times after they bother you. Imagine how much distraction you will cause them. Do not say anything, just wait until they hang up. They make between 50 to 150 calls a day and a backfire will be enormous. Have fun. I'm already doing that. Funny :)
306-545-9968 nimiki
This is one of 3 0r 4 calls I have received. Some from Arizona, on from one of the Virginia's. The Arizona one tried to give me the impression they were a police or government agency. The last one was from my own country, Canada, and was someone with an East Indian accent. The unifying thread is if I know where Marie Savard is???
306-545-1476 Nat
I've been getting the same calls from the following # 545-1476, 525-4256, 543-3451, when I answer, it's the same as everyone said, they call at least twice a day, when I call any of the numbers back it's all the same voice recording. Sasktel said to dial *57 after they call, and after 5 times of doing this after they call, they would look into it. They told me the numbers are listed as fax machines.
306-545-1476 Realy annoyed
Sorry meant to say that he said he wasn't Ken.
306-545-1476 Really annoyed
I got a call from this guy today.  Initially there is a pause when I answer then he asks for my husband by his first name.  When I ask to take a message he just says no and asks when he'll be home.  Today I told him if it was Ken my husband told me to tell him he's not interested.  The guy said he was Ken and quickly got off the phone.  Prior to this call I was getting similar calls (in which the man's voice sounds suspiciously similar) from the number 543-3451.  Does it help to report these calls?  If so to whom?
306-545-1476 Bothered
has anyone actually found out what this number is wanting? I get the same answer as other people.
306-545-1476 pantheria19
started receiving calls from this number. There was a lady on the other end. She was wanting my credit card number for donations to the Royal Canadian Legion. Advised the RCL of situation, they said they would look into it. I believe this number is associated with 543-3451. The 543 number DOES NOT belong to Mr. Ken Hanson anymore. Am proceeding to call police.
306-545-1476 C
Called several times over the last weeks. Does not leave a message on the answering machine. When I pick it up there is no response, much like everyone else above.
306-545-1476 Justin
Called again this morning when I was out. Asked for me by name and wouldn't leave a message when asked. Annoying!
306-545-1476 Justin
Same thing. Rings, you answer, no one there. If you call back, answering service.
306-545-1476 Mickey M. Walt
Phone and listen for awhile and then hang up. Sasktel does nothig about this when you report it. Can't they find out who this is ????????
306-545-1476 geo
Caller said he was calling on behalf of Legion to sell a book ($20) containing names and photos of Saskatchewan people who had been killed in the two world wars and in the Korean war. Implied it was to supply books to school children. Wanted my credit card number but I said I did not give it over the phone so he took my address and said he would send a letter. (Sept 20/07)
306-545-1476 Kelly
They just called and said they were looking for donations on behalf of the Legion.  Luckily, I looked up the phone number on the internet, ran upstairs and told him to hang up because it was a hoax.
306-545-1476 Fufubug
They call my  home phone repeatedly when you answer they have a dialer on their phone as its very hollow and then clicks but never hangs up. when calling this number back you get and answering machine immediately and if you do leave a message they don't ever politely just call you back.
306-545-1476 solange
i researched this number by its 545 postal code and it seems to be around the science center in regina on powerhouse drive. i dont know what the point of the phone calls are because they hang up all the time
306-545-1476 Z
Upon further review the source for that hang up caller seems to be this:Wesaquate, Wstreet address not availableRegina, SK S4N 0A1(306) 545-1476Type: Land LineProvider: SaskTel
306-545-1476 MR ED
This number came up and answered hello and there no answer and there was a couple of clicks and that was it.
306-545-1476 Jenna
Oh yeah they have done it at least 2 days in a row, i dont always answer the phone so don't know how ofetn they really have called.
306-545-1476 Jenna
They called then don't say anything when i say hello, then i hear a click but no dial tone.
306-545-1476 T
Someone called and asked for my husband by his last name and then said "okay thanks bye" when I said he wasn't home.  Didn't sound overly professional.  A little creepy.
306-545-1476 Lynn
They have been calling for a couple of weeks.  No one is on the other end of the phone when you answer.
306-545-1476 Bawb
You answer the phone and you hear one or two 'clicks', but otherwise silence.  Whatever/whoever is on the other end does not hang up as there is no dial tone.
306-545-0715 Herb
This number keeps calling me and I always seem to miss it. I tried calling it back and it's not in service. Isn't that veird???
306-545-0715 Darcy
Do you have a son or daughter that plays WOW ?Call me if you want to discuss. 530-6978
306-545-0715 nora
nobody there
306-543-3451 Dylan james
This caller called my home from 305-543-3451 and did not talk when i picked up, so i simply said, " F*** OFF" and then they hung up, first time this number ever called me and i think its the last
306-543-3451 pantheria19
Same story, new details! The number of Mr. Ken Hanson calling from is the 543-3451. I did some deeper searching and found that there is an alternate number at his home which is 791-0213. I called that latter number with no answer unfortunately. I am also calling the Royal Canadian Legion and advising them of the situation. I do not believe that an organization of their stature wants to be represented like this. I will keep going until I have results.
306-543-3451 qg
306-543-3451 called & hung up, used Google look up & found this page.If it is Royal Canadian Legion they won't be getting any more Donations from me. Also received calls from 306-565-1327 is also Royal Canadian Legion.
306-543-3451 Caveman_2
I did a quick search at Google for 306-543-3451 and found this page.  I never picked up, and the phone did not ring a second time.

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