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United States
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Hi Victor -Sounds like a scam to me - I also received call from "Ryan" who gave this number as a call back - but he was from NICOR.

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Recieved a call from "Ryan" who supposedly was from NICOR - and wanted all sorts of information about the business I am employed with.We did not give him any -I smelled a scam and by the sounds of it I was right!Thanx Victor - I am glad I found your comments.
Guy by the name of Ryan called and said that he was from People's Gas.  I don't have a People's gas account, so I called the company and they said to disregard his calls as there were no balances in my name at the company.
CMS Fraud Guy
There is also a Misson Valley location next door to Del Taco
hi im trying to get the address for cms i also have an appointment but dont know which location to go to the one rosecrans or mission george
County Medical Services (CMS).  For my daughter.  Had to call back to find out who it was.  it was a reminder of her appointment.Now we all know.
timothy higdem
a man called claiming to be from state to state investigations, he said i had a bad check from 2005 and that they were going to issue a warrant for my arrest. i spoke with a lawyer at fuller law offices who told me that in idaho the statute of limitations for check fraud was three years. i just want others to know they should check into this state to state collections.
L.J. Murphy
I believe this is a ripoff operation it should be shut down. I will call my AttorneybGeneral office.
Called and said he was from State to State Investigations and stated he has a matter of the "utmost Importance" and "time is of the essence".  Left a call back no. from Washington, DC, used some legal terminology, but was vague what this was in relation to.  Truly harassing call.  When I looked this number up, said it was a cell phone.
He said he was from "State to State Investigations" and there was in danger of having a "Processing of issuance"

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