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Browsed Number: 3183441722 | Location Code : 318 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Baton Rouge
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User Comments for 3183441722

These are identity theives that use "Alliance Capital Lending Network" BS front sham company to try and get you to enter your personal information.  Stay away.

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Alex jacob
Hi frnds... it is nt totaly scam.. And i also knw frm whr they are calling from... If any1 wnt to knw i wil happy to help him b'cuz i done work in tat call center... even i also dnt knw we r foolin customer aftr knowin i left tat f****ng job..
Got a text:"Get a Loan or Credit up to 5000All Credit okwww.loans33.comRepayment up to 24 months Alliance CapitalRe Stop to Unsub"I replied "Stop", we'll see how it goes. Don't visit the site, it's one of those that tries to prevent you from leaving the page.
Got a text from 318-344-1722 telling me the same as everybody else...that I won a 100 Dollar Gift Card with Gift ID 60K and to call 855-843-5250 to claim it.  I didn't sign up for any sort of gift card.  Obviously a scam.
I got TEXT message: Thank you for visiting us call 855-843-5241. We have Your 100 DOllar Gift card When you Call them they tell you have to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling for your FREE gift card. SCAM SCAM... WTF I have ATT cell service and NEVER give this number to anyone....Hope ATT is NOT selling my number as lead to this Foreign Call Center. Number is a toll-free 855-843-5241. IT COST THEM SO KEEP CALLING IT if they keep contacting you.
Gayle Claffey
Got a call from this number on cell to call 855-843-5250  I won a $100 gift card.  This is a scam.  Always check out area codes before returning a call.  How did they get my ceell number?????
messing with scammers
I entered in a string of numbers and 00/00/0000 as the expiration date. My card was "verified" awesome! Also pretty sure that my 16 digit card number was 40 some digits.
This is a scam: They are also spamming with the following e-mail I received today: I'm posting this because it looks a little more legit than the typical phony physhing link most of them use.Dear Customer,1st Financial Federal Credit Union temporarily suspended your account.Reason: Identity VerificationTo verify your account call the total free number: 877-219-2088Never access the Credit Union's Web site by clicking on a link provided in an e-mail. 1st Financial Federal Credit Union will never solicit you to provide or update personal or financial information. And, will never send an e-mail containing links to Credit Union's Web sites.Local: 877-219-2088Toll Free: 877-219-2088 5916 North Lindbergh Hazelwood, MO 63042 Copyright 2009 / 1st Financial Federal Credit Union - All rights reserved.
Got a message (text) asking to call this number back about possible Debit card issue. Sure signs of a scam. Called the number from another phone line and automated system answered requesting that I input my credit card number. Yeah...right.
asking for credit card info

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