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323 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 323 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 323 Series

323-133-2421 LAUREN TURNER
2016-04-22 02:52:58
Someone called from this number 3 times in a row. I did not answer because I did not recognize the number and could clearly see that it is a fake. The caller DID NOT leave a message either!
323-405-3547 Michael Kony
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323-405-3223 klg
keeps calling not leaving message.
323-405-3223 m
same here
323-405-3223 m
same here
323-405-3223 John
This number keeps calling me too but leaves no voicemail. Has called me 4 times within the past 2 days.
323-405-0283 Anna
Press #1 to win $50000 !!!! STUPID PEOPLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
323-405-0283 Alexa
Five calls on the same day and no anwers. I tried calling it and it and the phone just rings and rings.
323-405-0283 Mariane
the last couple days ive been getting calls from this number as well.  i tried calling it and it just rings and rings.
323-405-0283 Kim
No message
323-404-9175 Teddy
I got the message.  Called the number and met the hottest chic ever.  We had total NSA sex!  She even brought her friend.  Definitely call if you're a dude or lesbo
323-404-9175 louwho
I got the same text on April 6 but from 760-491-7331
323-404-9175 Verizon
me too but on April 6
323-404-9175 Rob
I got a text at 11:30 last night from this number saying " Hey (name), I got your number from a friend (I hope its right) I think ur sexy...call me 323-404-9175 if you want to meet ;-)
323-404-9175 Berts
Thank you for posting this Susan.  I got the same message today and immediately went on the net to see what i could find.  Scammers are everywhere I tell ya.
323-404-9175 NicoleJ
WOW! I just got the same exact text message and was going online to check out this number and didn't realize that alot of others have gotten the same text. I asked who is the friend and who are you and no response.
323-404-9175 ME
I was already having trouble with being staked and when I received this text it really set me back.Went to the police and all they could do is have me file a report.
323-404-9175 Erin H.
...just got one yesterday, myself. My first thought was, "yeeeeh, I don't think so"
323-404-9175 M.
I was on eharmony years ago and I got the same message
323-404-9175 CC
Yes!And I tried calling the number and it said "glad you decided to take advantage of this free call..." clearly a phone sex scam. Yuck
323-404-9175 Susie
I just got the exact same txt from 505-284-7532.  Says "Hey sc, I got your number from a friend (I hope its right) I think yr sexy... call me at (323) 404-9175 if u want to meet ;-)"Now sc is the initials I used on eharmony 3 years ago.  Are any of you on/ or have used that site?
323-404-9175 M.
Susan, I got the same exact message! Maybe e-mails were hacked? The message said the same  thing: I got a text from this number saying " Hey (name), I got your number from a friend (I hope its right) I think ur sexy...call me 323-404-9175 if you want to meet ;-)
323-404-9175 Moche
Jst to add, this creep can get our information from anywhere!  Did u know your "life" is accessable online?  I'm not surprised I got the txt....just feel sorry tht this person has nothing better to do with their lives!  and a little worried abt hs intentions if he comes accross someone who young and at risk!
323-404-9175 Moche
Just received same txt...Whoever is sending these txts needs a job and a life so he can afford mental help! Just irritating...cuz u never know when a teenager may respond?
323-404-9175 roland
i got the exact same message last night, strange..
323-404-9175 Creeping Out
I got it last night and the number was from 917-725-6239 but it's telling me to text back to 323-404-9175.
323-404-9175 Annie
I got the same message yesterday @ 5pm & I have a Chase acount. Call was from from 862.201.2288 (New Jersey) Anybody know anything yet?
323-404-9175 Lori
I received this text message yesterday. It says to call 323-404-9175 and it came from 701-289-7709. FYI, I have Verizon, but do not have a Chase acct.  Very creepy!
323-404-9175 lynne
I received the same message. it was sent from 916 409 7483 which is located in Rocklin Sacramento
323-404-9175 buggins
I got the same message today and the text was sent from:  651-321-7411 (St. Paul, MN)

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