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United States
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repeated calls for someone else.

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It is an AT&T cell number in the Akron area of ohio
Does anyone here familiar with this number?
No need to repeat the similar info. re: "Elizabeth", receiving a "cold call", etc. I received the same sham as those above from (215) 550-5019. There was, however, a new twist. I permitted the two (2) Tri-County Flue "technicians" to clean my fireplace and furnace flues. Shortly after they began, the "vacuum guy" produced some "tiles" that he said came from the inside of my chimney. He went on to state that there are probably "holes" in the chimney and that carbon monoxide could be leaking into the house. I showed him the Carbon Monoxide sensor just outside the furnace area. I related that sensor had never activated. To make a long story short, in addition to the $80.00 they charged for "cleaning the flues", I was given an estimate of $1460.00 for them to install a "stainless (sic) steal smooth wall Liner", etc. When I told the guy that I'd review the estimate with my plumber, he said he didn't know that plumbers did that kind of work. I told him that I didn't know that chimney cleaners were prone to ripping people off. He smiled and left.
this company called me for the cheap chimney clean out. What a bargin! We used them but, they did a sloppy job, dripping down chimney!!.. owner wont call me back. Do not use them!
They called me and i looked them up on pa attorney general they are on there with no work complaints. so i let them come by and do my fireplace and chimney for $80. the guys that came by where very respectable. They where there for about 25 min and that was it.

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