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343 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 343 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 343 Series

343-996-9553 whoever
In the last 10 days i've received more annoyance calls on my cell phone that I receive from people I've given the number to.  This is one of the numbers.  Some, when I answer there is just music playing, others there is nothing.  One I answered they asked for someone I didn't know and said "I" had requested information on continuing my education, which I had not.
343-994-6348 Allan
Called and left no message.
343-994-6342 George
Called me last night.
343-970-5076 nunya
i got a call
343-954-6568 B
I have been getting harassing calls from a man with a thick foreign accent RE: ?education program? He has called from several different numbers. 759-439-5465, 2003, 932-425-9439, 271-954-6568.  I have asked to have my number removed from their call list, but they have refused and continue to call me.  I answer and the caller, with a thick ??Indian - India?? or possibly ??Arab?? accent (I can't tell), says "I am George, How are you"?  From what little that I can actually understand, he says something about "education" and "program."  I asked him to remove my number from his calling list, but he actually called me back and said that I had requested the call back "because you were busy on June 12 when I called before".  HE ADMITTED TO HARASSING ME!!
343-928-6613 jet
called 3 times at 2:00AM on December 27, 2009
343-928-6613 jet
called 3 times at 2:00 AM December 27, 2009
343-883-1846 deesim
So did I...on May 1, 2011.  Caller ID was called "Catch 22"
343-882-5727 aquart
No idea who it is. It woke me up and I did not answer it because I didn't realize it was my cell phone. NOBODY has that number but my mom and T-Mobile.
343-878-9983 kaileena
American Diabetes  Association???
343-848-5668 BP
I just received a call from this number and they stated that someone applied for a cash loan, but the number pulls up a Ontario CA #. 343.848.5668
343-848-5668 Hailey
Since yesterday I have been receiving a string of numbers with odd area codes like 343, 348, 584, 485, 326 and so on.  None of these numbers have any information on them. I have not applied for anything, haven't signed up for anything and it's getting annoying. I don't know how to stop this.
343-841-1840 Sarah
Very strange, prank call, perhaps an ESL speaker.
343-831-0000 Carol
I answered phone, heard a voice, then no reply when I said "hello".  I hung up.
343-794-3424 Flipper
Unknown calls
343-760-0627 RAJ
343-737-9514 Theodora
This is the third number this company has called from in three months. They call saying the are sending Police to my job for a loan I never received from them.
343-729-0397 Moe
The guy that calls asked for my name and when asked what his name was, he said, "Rex."  I told him, I didn't have to give him my name or any other information.  He said he was from a law firm (no name)and I have three "criminal charges" filed against me.  I told him I had reported his number to the US Attorney Generals office and I know this is a scam and DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN, at which point he hung up.
343-729-0397 William
Some guy calls, the same one every time, looking for an Elizabeth Reynolds. We just got the number (cell) from at & t several months ago.  Every time he calls we tell him "you have the wrong number".  He called tonight asked wife if Elizabeth was there and then wanted to know if she would talk to him, she said about what, and he said do you want to be my friend.  She then gave the phone to me and he proceeded to tell  me that he was Elizabeth's ex and that he was drunk and was cussing, I told him if he called back that I would report him to the police, he was laughing and saying we couldn't do that because we didn't know him or his number.  Never said he was with any company, just was a real smart@#$$# jerk. I tried calling it back to see if it was valid and it said it couldn't be completed as dailed.  Who is this guy/?  Told us his name was Rex.
343-729-0397 Hharo
Call from 343-729-0397.  The called me stating that they were a lawfirm trying to collect money from some payday loan I had taken out in 2004.  Advised to person who claims their name is Kevin Barker that I have no such loan out.  Told the man by law he must send me out something with my so called debt, but man refused.  Man got really mad and started talking over me and threatening me that I was going to be arrested at my workplace.  Advised man next time he would hear from my lawyer and I would yet again file another police report against him.  He claims he works for Financial Infractions Division.  I advise him that I will not pay a penny until he provides some legal information.  Man keeps calling my parent's house.  For someone to work at a prestige law firm as he claims, he is very unprofessional and unwilling to resolve any matter,  but of course he wouldn't be being that he's just trying to scam.
343-729-0397 CW57
Received a call that I owe money from a Payday loan back in 2006. Also stating good luck I they do not hear back from me. they will press charges against me
343-729-0397 CAChris30
Hey guys, I just got the call today from 343-729-0397. I let it go to voicemail. The guy left a message. He has a very heavy accent but his name is "Rick Bush" and he is from a law firm! Anyways he says that I have a legal matter to take care of and if I avoid calling him back that he "wishes you good luck as the situation unfolds on you, Good bye!" He left his direct line to call back which is 904-239-3963. I'm not calling him back. They tried pulling this on me back in September or October. They called from a different number, the guy had a heavy accent, told me the same thing and gave me a different number to call back. They wanted about $1000 for a debt that they said I had. I did my research and found out it was a fraud. I called them back and told them that I had talked to the local police and reported them to the federal trade commission and so on. They hung up on me and when I called the number back it was disconnected. THIS IS A FRAUD! Don't fall into this and DO NOT give them any information.
343-729-0397 cl
These guys called me 4 times in a row between 7:20 and 8:15 am.  I researched the number and saw Cashnet USA mentioned several times.  Thinking this was unusual I preemptively called Cashnet USA before returning their call. Cashnet USA verified that I owed no money to them whatsoever. When I returned the mystery call  I was told that the person calling was there with his restitution officer and that I owed money to "Cashnet" about a payday loan.  When I told them I had already spoken to CashnetUSA and verified I owed no money he told me that Cashnet was a different company. I did indeed find another company called Cashnet and they don't even do payday loans.  When I confronted them about this and told them I needed the debt verified in writing and that I had proof they had never tried to contact me, they hung up on me.  Sounds pretty scammy.
343-729-0397 Ref
This number keeps on calling my cellphone...It's really annoying! What so funny is, he has an American name but with an Indian accent. Is it that weird? Anyway, I know they're scam and just hoping they will be stopped soon...
343-729-0397 js
I have rec'd 4 calls from this # 343-729-0397 and left me  a message stating thatI needed to call or my lawyer.This is like the 3rd scam call I have gotten this week. The first number was from 813-283-4343,I told  these people they were a scam I reported them to police. People just be aware.
343-729-0397 roc
The # 343-729-0397 and the # 904-425-9141 are linked... type in the 2nd number in google and read up folks. I dont understand how they still can be in business and the law hasnt shut them down once and for all?I got my 3rd call from them stating I owed $1220.00 this time from a loan from cashnet usa, from  the year 2005. The other times they had called me over a period of 2 or 4 month in beteewn time lapses they sacred me into shelling out over $1000.00 in paydown loans I knew I had paid but they made me dought I had paid... again from  the year 2005.After reading the ABC news report on the Ph#  343-729-0397 (thank God)this time it didnt work for them...they said if I sent money in today in the sum of $650.00 ish the $1220.00 would be forgiven from Cashnet usa. Funny I have a loan out right now with Cash net usa and looked through my history and talked with them today, have been and I'am in GOOD standing with them? Funny isnt it! What isnt funny is somehow they have my SSI# and address and name. Extortion is a crime (report any of these calls to the FBI, local police, the federal trade commision and your state attorney general and Florida). Owing a bill is not a crime and you cant go to jail nor anything else they may have threaten you with!!!!! Next thing folks dont do cash loans...they are stealing your private info.off the net! Stay in India or go the hell back you heartless, low life thiefs. I wish your Karma back on you ten fold !!!
343-729-0397 Mo
I received a call from 343-729-0397 stating that I owed them money, but would not give me any information in regards to who they were. I requested something in writing to prove that I owed this debt and they refused.
343-729-0397 Roc
If you get a call from 343-729-0397 its a spoofed number (fake to hide them)...its linked to 904-425-9141 which  tells you how to deal with there extortion in the US! Please read and report this scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!links to are listed...your local sheriffyour state attorney generalthe federal trade commissionthe FBIThese people are link to payday loans and look like they are India based viva Jacksonville Florida!Part of the Croby Scams
343-729-0397 Dawn
Never saw this number before, but they called on my direct line @ work.  I am very lery of answering #'s that I don't recognize so I let it go to voicemail...if they can't leave me a message, then I can't help them.
343-729-0397 angie
they keep calling my work for a woman that hasn't worked here in years.  i tell them they have the wrong #, and they keep calling.

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