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405 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 405 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 405 Series

405-233-3033 angela
2015-04-15 21:05:01
got 2 calls from this number this morning...steve answered the phone when i called with "hi miss smith?" and i said yes...talked very fast...wanted to give me an auto insurance quote. i replied i wasnt interested he heavily sighed and hung up.
405-605-0906 cw
2015-03-19 21:04:46
Called but did not leave message.
405-605-0904 April
2014-12-15 22:03:44
No msg. left have no clue who they are
405-622-3050 Ray
Received phone call. Did not answer.
405-621-8998 Tt
Didn't say who they were
405-621-8996 Jack
Multiple calls from this number.
405-621-8991 kim
Said they were a financial group "GC SERVICES"
405-621-8982 human
collection agency
405-621-8923 Megan
Unknown number.
405-621-8921 jason
this is an unrecognised number
405-621-8915 m lopez
Called several times at work ,leaving messages. No leaving name caller
405-621-8908 R Yoch
The message didn't post to voicemail, it was dead air, but this isn't the first time 'victor' has called me, i think i have 3-4 blocked numbers on my phone.  how did he get my number and how do i get it to stop!
405-621-8908 Retired in Vegas
This guy "Victor" is a independant debt collector. He will SPOOF his caller ID to show that 521-0132 number. I had him say he was "Chase" bank. HE IS NOT!!! The best thing to say to Victor is NOTHING.Tell him he has the wrong number, simply go away...sooner or later he finally does.....
405-621-8908 arch
The caller id shows up as 15210132yes similar name and message was left on voicemail, saying its important that i return his call. I wonder what company this is
405-621-8908 Snoopy
Repeated calls to my cell phone leaving messages "This concerns a personal business matter" and says his name is Victor Aquinos. Call back and only a message can be left. This is from the Midwest City,Moore or Norman area of Oklahoma. Nuisance calls...
405-621-6373 Staci
I keep getting calls from this number.
405-621-6338 Cynic
Everything you just said is ILLEGAL.  By law you cannot threaten debtors with lawsuits, nor talk to their friends and family.  If you tell people that, they can sue YOU for harassment.
405-621-6338 helpful hint
if you recieve a call from this # it is a collection agency calling about your home depot card. Not calling will hurt your situation and you could get sued faster. the best thing to do is call with a plan. They will ALWAYS be willing to settle your account and reduce your ballanceall you have to do is ask about it. Again if you dont call back they will have to assume you are dodging yourbill. they will then contact neighbors and relatives or an employerto reach you . |||keep you friends and family out of it||| and call it back.if only to say you refuse to pay!
405-621-6333 GFM
This is a collection agency. They call all hours of the day with a recorded message asking for Elliot Sadler of 900 N. Stafford Street. This might be related to GC Services at 866-954-0751.
405-621-6320 Ria
This is a collection agency called GC Services.  They will also leave a callback number of 866-318-2427.  If you Google GC Services you will find lots of information.  Apparently, they deal with a variety of debts and use illegal collection practices. Good luck.
405-621-6320 pdp
can't get any info from google
405-621-6301 Bria
Need to find out who it is.
405-621-5000 Gary S
This is an unlisted number of an insurance agent, What insurance company are you doing business with. Our firm is tracking information on him in a legal matter, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
405-621-5000 Gary S
This is an unlisted number of an insurance agent, What insurance company are you doing business with. Our firm is tracking information on him in a legal matter, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
405-621-5000 tom R
This # showed on my account at my insurance co. It's not even close to my phone #.
405-620-6793 Timothy
Repeated calls from this number.
405-620-4174 Geri
repeated calls on caller I.D.
405-620-2710 tiffany moyerman
text from the number saying are we still on for tonight replied who ixs this response was the guy you were meeting tonight.
405-620-2668 Alexander
Call conducting survey on satisfaction of parental performance.
405-619-9842 JP
got a call at 1026AM and again at 1205PM today (22May11)m left no message  Caller ID showedGerhart AI

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