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407 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 407 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 407 Series

407-862-6274 Anonymous
2018-12-25 00:13:25
Nice respond in return of this matter with genuine arguments and telling all concerning that.
407-862-6274 Anonymous
2018-12-25 00:10:17
Nice respond in return of this matter with genuine arguments and telling all concerning that.
407-862-8107 Anonymous
2018-01-09 19:26:00
Called and I never picked up. It rang and rang and rang.
407-816-9775 Anonymous
2017-11-08 00:25:16
407-804-6700 Anonymous
2017-09-29 23:35:28
Several unknown calls from this number, no messages
407-121-8014 Anonymous
2017-07-11 12:34:23
Good number
407-854-7180 Linda
2015-03-18 00:43:02
Click on the left "local donation programs" is found at American Red Cross mid Florida region website. It would not allow me to post the link.
407-854-7180 Linda
2015-03-18 00:39:11
Click on the left "local donation programs" They are legitimate.
407-900-9576 Mark
2014-12-05 00:15:47
His name is Mark Jones he pretends to be a woman tries to get your personal information
407-393-2161 Lee
Hung up on my answering machine.
407-393-0875 Paul Allen
Call from this number to our house phone.  No one on other end.
407-392-7835 Nonna
claiming that I am being sued for fraud!!! I can resolve it with a payment of $600.00.
407-392-6189 look
Look above your post.
407-392-6189 Vivian Bolton
want to know where this number is located in The States or Canada?
407-392-6156 tonjia martin
these people say i got some money put in my checking account by cash advance which i never did and they have all my personalty information how did they get it they say their sueing me for what i didnt pay back which i never borrowed they people who are of indian decent couldnt speak very good englishi couldnt understand a word they said they wouldnt send me any papers or fax me any i feel these people are scam they say they a are with a lawyer that against the law
407-392-6154 Rob
Suggestion; a nice metal whistle by the phone.  Next time it's them, just give them a blast.  I would think it wouldn't take much of that to get your name off their ripoff list.
407-392-6154 Outrageous
I also received a call from this number and then when I told them I had reported them to the FBI, they cussed me out. They called me to inform me that I had criminal charges pending against me, they identified themselves as Federal Agents. In the guise of trying to help me avoid being sued, they were asking me for $250. They claimed I was part of a scam and that I had funds deposited into my account. I told them I had never had any funds deposited into my account. When I asked who this bogus company was, they said they could not provide details, they were just trying to help. I asked for their address and phone number to their main office and the guy just said he worked for a corporation then he hung up on me. They called me a few days later from a different number. I did report them to the Los Angeles FBI and they informed me it was a scam and not to talk to them.
407-392-6154 Monikah
You got the same call?They have already started calling me from a different number. They call 3-4 time a day. And they somehow have my personal information.
407-392-6154 GeorgeB
Just go to your telephone company web site and BLOCK the offending number, so it will not be able to come thru.But that's nothing permanent, because those Caller ID spoofers use a number for one day or so, then start to use some other number. The numbers they use are abandoned numbers, not yet reassigned by the telephone companies.From Wikipedia:Caller ID spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to display a number on the recipient's Caller ID display which is not that of the actual originating station. The term is commonly used to describe situations in which the motivation is considered malicious by the speaker or writer. Just as e-mail spoofing can make it appear that a message came from any e-mail address the sender chooses, Caller ID spoofing can make a call appear to have come from any phone number the caller wishes. Because of the high trust people tend to have in the Caller ID system, spoofing can call the system's value into question.It is amazing that such a crooked practice is allowed to go on!Where are the feds when I need them????? I wrote to my US Rep...no response!Bottom line: IGNORE IT and never give the other side ANY information. PERIOD!
407-392-6154 Monikah
Called demanding money for a pay day loan I never took out.
407-392-5154 Oliver
Recieved a call but no voice mail.
407-392-4074 Dino
This crosses the line. Ignoring the DNCL is typical, but text messaging PISSES ME OFF! Go to hell spammers!
407-392-4074 Got a text message
Didn't call thanks to the input here.  thanks!
407-392-4074 sparty
Got a text message..don't call
407-392-4074 detden
This number is a scam haha don't call it got it as a text to call back don't do it want credit informal
407-392-4074 Madz
Attempted Debit Card Scam. Do NOT Involve Yourself By Calling It.I Know For A Fact It Is Fake. It Asked For My Debit Card Info Due To Fraudulent Activity On It... You Know, The One I Don't Own.
407-392-4072 Charlene
I got this same message last night on my cell phone.  I actually punched one a couple of times in answer to their questions to try and find out what it was all about.  Then they asked for my account number and I hung up.  I reported it to abuse@bankofamerica.com.  They will investigate it.  I hope I haven't caused myself any trouble by punching the one twice in answer to their questions.
407-392-4072 Diana
Got a text 281889@vtext.com that says (Bank OF America) Attention needed. Call 407-392-4072.  Not calling them.  I don't have an account with them anyway.
407-392-4072 Misty S
Unwanted text requesting me to call them urgently.
407-392-4072 Anon
Some of these numbers are phone line to text services. You call the number & surprise! you get a charge on your phone bill. You don't know this person? Don't call. Curiosity cleaned out the cats' bank account.

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