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440 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 440 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 440 Series

440-250-5523 collections expert
2015-03-03 23:20:21
(440) 250-5523 is a Collection Agency United Consumer / They will Call ask for the person in question, if you ask them "who is calling" in their mind, they will assume they have made contact with you, The Right Person and will hang Up regarding an old collection, therefore bring the report to a current date in order to avoid the 7 year reporting statue of limitations... please be ware
440-999-8997 ec
no message. Called 7:17pm- 11/2/09.
440-999-8997 beth wilson
no message left...repeated phone calls.
440-999-8765 Bryan
Left a robocall message on my voicemail about some political garbage.  Didn't listen to all of it, just added the number to my block list
440-999-2378 Ann
I just got a call from this phone number.
440-999-0055 Karen
Just got a call - no one was there when I answered and it finally just disconnected then.
440-999-0055 barb
No message left
440-999-0055 Brenda
called left no message
440-998-8989 MJ
6:09 pm estSame as "A" above, but after claiming that my phone number had "won" 2600 whatever, the recording wanted me to press a key. Don't remember which one, couldn't care less. I just hung up.It's obviously a scam (telemarketing or otherwise, it's all the same to me).You just DON'T get something for nothing and someone is preying upon the gullible.BTW: They don't have to "get" your number. They just automatically dial every number in sequence. Depending upon what the machine "hears", it either starts the message or determines that it was a voice-mail, fax, etc. and MAY flag that number for another attempt or mark it as invalid. If they're outside the U.S. or Canada, OUR governments can't stop the bas***ds from wasting our time & air-time... but the phone companies love it.
440-998-8989 A
Automated voice saying "Congratulations you have won 2600 travel dollars" or something.. British accent... Then I was transferred to some guy with a really thick east Indian accent which I could barely understand. Then he said something about Jamaica, and asked if I was over 23 years old, which I said no, then he hung up.
440-998-8989 SteveL
I just got a call on my Rogers cell-phone from this number. Didn't answer it. (How are they getting cell numbers?)
440-998-8989 ScHrM
does anyone actually know who they are..i dont need travel points and i dont know why it is on my cell phone. i have been getting lots of new solicitaions with my cell phone lately and i dont know why. i do not give that information out.
440-998-8989 jgu
Received a missed call on my cell phone.  Checked online.  Thank goodness for this site, so now I don't need to call them back!
440-998-8989 SL
Got a call from this #.  Didn't pick up because of unknown area code.
440-998-8989 KL
Didn't recognize number, didn't pick up phone.....listened to message later.Message was in English and computerized, but who it was from was conveniently cut off.  The message starts at "...syndicate.  Your phone number is the winner of 2600 travel dollars, please press 1 to accept now"I deleted it without any further action.
440-998-8989 Mick
didn't anwer call.  don't know the people or company and don't want to be charged.
440-998-8989 Silver Spring
They called did not leave messege this is a scam to charge your phone...
440-998-8989 bam
4409988989 just called on my cell phone. Auto messanger in spanish.. I hung up. Ashtabula Ohio. December 29, 2009 at 8:25am pacific time.
440-998-8989 kec
just got this call looked it up online  not message was left
440-998-8989 pcj
Just received same, didn't answer. called back and operator said the number was no longer working - this was 5 minutes after i called back.
440-998-8989 namyzarc
Just received a call from this same number. Did not answer because I don't generally answer when a call comes from an unknown area code. Did a reverse lookup ion whitepages.com an and it came up as beeing from Ashtabula Ohio.
440-998-8989 Neagle
Auto message dialer in Spanish.  My call back attempt was not answered.
440-998-8989 JJ
just got a call 122809 at 2:39p central i didnt answer and no message was left.
440-998-8989 kao boy
Call me today 3 times didn't answer No message. Unable to call back.
440-998-8989 OCD
This number called my cell just now, caller ID said it was in Ohio.  I bi***-buttoned it since I don't answer calls from unfamiliar numbers.  They did not leave a message.
440-998-8989 roach
called my cell one hour ago,didn't answer as would be charged per call
440-998-8989 MGG
I received the same call, all in Spanish.  Just hung up and never received a call back.
440-998-8989 Tim
the call was in Spanish.
440-998-6143 Alice
A hang up call
440-997-5044 dianne
Beware of this advertising company, They are a totally scam, they were going to offer a free listing were in fact its not. After they process and update your company's profile they going to sent you bill of almost $500 a month, I try to contact them but there number is unregistered and cannot be reached now..I'm really disappointed about this...But i Believed in KARMA...

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