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When I told the idiot on the other end I was on the do not call list and it was illegal for them to call me, he had the gall to ask, "Yeah? How's that do not call list going for you?"

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Got two calls from this agency tonight. The first was a recorded message, the second, ten minutes later, was a live agent. The first thing I did was request that he take my number off his list. He replied, "I will, but first, do you know what your federal rights are for student loans?" He yelled repeatedly that he just wanted to tell me my federal rights. I think he was trying to hear himself above the noise in his room.
This company has called my house 5 times today...3 times even after telling the person I was not interested.  Very persistent and rude company.
Called my cell phone. Asked for ?"Dick"? VERY hard to hear. When I said it was the wrong number they said "isn't this the ?"something"? residence. When I said no they kept babbling so I hung up.I called my cell phone company; there is no way to block a specific number from calling a cell phone. After reading the comments here, if I get even one more call, I'm changing my number!
Mike Norton
They call without leaving a message. I'm up to date with my kids' school loans. I'm going to write a letter tomorrow to the address in the previous post. I hope it helps.
Thanks for providing the link to company.  I called the number on the link and told them to take my phone number off their list.  Your help is appreciated.
My god, these people just don't stop calling.  I have explained to them multiple times that I am not interested in there offers and yet they keep calling.  I was so annoyed that they have the audacity to call on Sunday, I ended up registering myself on national Do Not Call list.  Hopefully that will help (praying to god).  Here is the link to there website, with address:http://www.msasolutions.com/contact.phpHigher Education Resource Organization1401 S. 52nd St.Suite 115Tempe, AZ 85281
Called and noone was there. Dead air. I am also on the do not call list.
David from Phoenix
Hey all. Nice to see by the postings that I am not the only getting these calls.  They have called numerous times.  I think at this point considering the number of calls I get from this place, I would not do business with this place if I had to!

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