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Browsed Number: 5059189269 | Location Code : 505 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


Country :
United States
State/Area/Carrier Details :
New Mexico
City/Area/Carrier Details :
Santa Fe
Location Code :
Time zone :

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sox jennewein
Stop calling me

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Also just rec'd an unsolicited text from this number. I did go to the website listed and unsubscribed. The msg says my information will be permanently deleted from their files. Hope I didn't just verify myself!
Received an unsolicited text message from this number plugging www.LoanVIPnow.com to get extra cash for the holidays.  Very suspicious not only because the advertisement is shady at best but the last line of the text states "Write "NO" to cancel." Can't cancel if I never agreed to anything. Like I said, shady.
No one there when answered
Called my cell, left no message.
Big Rig Connection
Big Rig Connection3301 Los Arboles Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 871074516 2nd St, Albuquerque, NM 87107-4040 USA50591889865058834671FAX]http://bigrigconnection.com/We do Truck Painting, Truck Auto Repair, Collision Repair, Fleet Body Repair and many more.Truck Painting, Truck Auto Repair, Collision Repair, Fleet Body Repair, Truck Repair Shop
Received a call from this number.
I got a call from this number.  It was an automated message claiming to be from the international adoption agency and wanted information.  Hung up without saying a word and it called back three times.
got calls
just called me.
I just received a call from this number. The person said she was a representative of Auctiva (the auction hosting website) and was offering a promotion through May 31st for the premium plan for free. At first I was going to take it, then she said I needed to be by a computer to look at at the same time as her. Considering it was a cell phone, I live in the actual area code she called from and the fact that she wasn't very professional made me have second thoughts. After telling her I would keep the plan I have, she wanted to know if I wanted her to email me with information in case I change my mind. She identified me by my email address from my ebay auctions. I will be getting in touch with Auctiva to see if they have a mobile rep or something, it just seems "phishy" to me.Hope this helps someone else,Angie

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