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United States
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Macy's needs to hire AMERICANS for these calls..

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Macy's Abusive Business Practices
I do not have a Macy's account, and repeatedly today (Sunday) was called from 1 513 754 9822. I was told they were calling for a Karen Mcnalty, after I explained that it was the wrong number, they hung up and called back. I explained politely again, wrong number, please do not call again, and a woman with an Indian accent called me a liar and told me she would be calling again and again. I then called the above number, 1 513 754 9822, and spoke with a man with a very heavy accent and explained that I was not the above person, have no Macy's account, have never had a Macy's account, and please do not call me again, and that I would be reporting the repeated phone calls as well as Macy's abusive practices to my state's attorney general. I was told I had no proof, and I then explained that on Vonage, all the calls were logged with time and date. He agreed to remove my number from their system.I was then called AGAIN by 1 513 754 9822. Unbelievable.
I've realised I'm getting calls at different times from 513-754-9822. SOMETIMES BACK TO BACK!Besides not answering the phone, what is the number for reporting harrasing phone calls to the phone company? I think it's *52. But I want to be sure before I try it. That's for the help!

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