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Browsed Number: 5179935202 | Location Code : 517 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Called, unknown number

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I received a ring (twice) within 5 min. apart and caller left no message. Do you know me?
They call and never leave a message
Anonymous Rick
Yes I know where he is.Please let me know how to contact you.
Been There
Been There...Done That...Trying To Locate Him....Do you know how or where he is?
Anonymous Rick
What chat rooms does he visit?  Can you send information?Does anyone have his actual Date of Birth? Or email profiles?  He deletes online profiles when he becomes aware of his name showing in google.
I dated this man. He told me he was divorced and unattached only to receive a call from his pregnant girlfriend. Ray actually denied being the father of the child and repeatedly said that he had broken up with this crazy phycho GF because of her abusiveness toward him and cheating. This man really is pathological. I hope women see our posts and walk the other way when they meet this guy. Yes he is comes off as a charasmatic gentleman and talks about his upbringing by nannies and living a lavish lifestyle but none of it is true. He is a liar without any remorse. He continued to lie to me even after I confronted him with the emails that his GF had shared with me. Telling her how he loves her and telling me how he could fall inlove with me and that we need to go to Las Vegas for a few days. He also offered me a job with his "company". His GF said that that is a line he uses with alot of women and infact meets women in chat rooms online date sites and job sites. He is a piece of work for sure.
A married Indian guy that likes to serial date online posting fake profiles to meet women. Dead beat Dad 2 kids with different women and one on the way with a mistress. Pathological liar and broke. Don"t be fooled by this poser who tells you of his education businesses and wanting to wisk you off to Paris. All BS.
Bintow Osman
calls and dosent even talk every day and every night

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