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Browsed Number: 5179992603 | Location Code : 517 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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User Comments for 5179992603

Sept. 26th received a voice mail from this number. Said "...to inform you that for security purposes we have locked your debit card. If you wish to restore it, please press 1 now and you will be transfered to our security department." No mention of a particular bank or cu. Called my finanical institution, no issues with my debit card. Logged into my account to make sure there was no unauthorized use. Reported it then to this website:  http://phonephishing.info/vish•ing|'vi SH i NG| (noun) the activity of defrauding account holders using social engineering over the telephone system.Good luck, never give out your information unless YOU initiate the call and are sure of who you are calling.

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Got a call at  Sept 8th from this number, said my bank card was trying to be used by a third party and to dial 1 to verify information...SCAM!!!!
I just received a call at 8:36 EST on 9/9/10 and someone said my debit card had been compromised and to enter one to proceed and confirm. I hung up immediately and called my bank. it is a scam.
We received a call from this number at 10:30pm stating our debit card was compromised.  It asked for us to put in our card number.  I could not reach a live person and it was difficult to disconnect the call.  If anyone knows what authority I could report this to, please let me know.
I never answer unidentifiable numbers. Never left a voicemail, which signifies no importance. Glad I checked this site to see about the number! Scamers!
This phone call is a scam. When you call it back, it does not even exist. Watch out
517-999-2603 5179992603 scam spam fake fraud illegal phishing attempt.517-999-2603 5179992603 scam spam fake fraud illegal phishing attempt.517-999-2603 5179992603 scam spam fake fraud illegal phishing attempt.
This is a scam, enter below in your browser for web page describing the scam: http://www.mdcu.org/default.asp?page=24.44

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