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United States
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call recipient
Called early afternoon.  No message left.  No name identified.
Computer-dialed home line in Virginia, they were calling stating that Virginia Credit Union credit card "was in jepoardy of being cancelled - to reactivate, press '1'" at this time the call was terminated on receiving end.  Caller ID showed 517-999-5200, so we called this back via Skype to remain anonymous.  After several rings with nobody answering, a recording identified that number as First American Payment Systems.This is obviously a scam/phishing attempt intended to have hapless recipients press '1' and include their personal information and/or credit card information.  Blatant attempt at identity theft and must be STOPPED.
He/her sent prodanities in text at my phone every day
Same thing, I got an automated call saying my city bank card was temporarily disabled because a third party had acessed it. I called back and it is a bail bond company recording. Smells like a scam.
vineyard mama
At 8:30 tonight, we received a call from this number.  When my husband answered, someone hung up.
Kingman, AZ
Got a recorded message that sounded like Anthony Hawkins (the guy in the wheelchair who types to talk) saying that it was Mohave State Bank and my visa card had been temp. disabled cuz they believed a third party had accessed it. I dont bank with mohave state bank and never have. must be a scam of some sort. they ask you to press one....BEWARE!!!

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