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Browsed Number: 5512214069 | Location Code : 551 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


Country :
United States
State/Area/Carrier Details :
New Jersey
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Did any of you sign up for a $100 visa gift card on rent.com?  This might be the mechanism.

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same as all the others above... never visited any site.
thx 4 visiting our sitecall 1877-704-6317your free $20 Wal-Mart card plus $50 gas cardgift code: rrv2002end reply stop
This is the building laptop33 is located according to (whois) registration.  E-mail and call them and complain as much as possible maybe they will throw them out of the building.Cindy Williams, OwnerCW Business Center8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd.Suite 102Los Angeles, CA 90045Tel:  (310) 568-1024Fax: (310) 568-1506cw@cwbusinesscenter.com
fyi, Laptop33.com redirect:LAPTOP33.COM laptop33.com redirects to rewardaisle.com NameCheap is where they registered "laptop33.com" domain in March of this year, for one year.They used the "privacy shield" option which hides their identity, so you have to get a warrant or subpoena to find out who registered the name.Follow through on Rewardaisle.com too - becauses that sounds like maybe the real culprit - spammers like that often do "redirects" - buy a "fake domain name" and redirect it to themselves, so they can try to make it harder to prosecute.Rewardaisle is another "criminal hiding behind the privacy shield:"Domain Name : REWARDAISLE.COMRegistrant : Domain Manager  34d67867-8942-48e8-8b18-bd59943fe79d@webzeroprivateregistration.com ATTN: REWARDAISLE.COMc/o WebZero 109 East 17th Street, #25 Cheyenne, WY 82001 866-605-9160 Email 34d67867-8942-48e8-8b18-bd59943fe79d@webzeroprivateregistration.com Creation Date : 19-May-2009Expiration Date : 19-May-2011Domain servers in listed order :ns10.dnsmadeeasy.comns11.dnsmadeeasy.comAdministrative  Contact :Domain Manager  34d67867-8942-48e8-8b18-bd59943fe79d@webzeroprivateregistration.com ATTN: REWARDAISLE.COMc/o WebZero 109 East 17th Street, #25 Cheyenne, WY 82001 866-605-9160 Email 34d67867-8942-48e8-8b18-bd59943fe79d@webzeroprivateregistration.com Technical Contact:Domain Manager  34d67867-8942-48e8-8b18-bd59943fe79d@webzeroprivateregistration.com ATTN: REWARDAISLE.COMc/o WebZero 109 East 17th Street, #25 Cheyenne, WY 82001 866-605-9160 Email 34d67867-8942-48e8-8b18-bd59943fe79d@webzeroprivateregistration.com Billing Contact :Domain Manager  34d67867-8942-48e8-8b18-bd59943fe79d@webzeroprivateregistration.com ATTN: REWARDAISLE.COMc/o WebZero 109 East 17th Street, #25 Cheyenne, WY 82001 866-605-9160 Email 34d67867-8942-48e8-8b18-bd59943fe79d@webzeroprivateregistration.com
Update: I read the rest of the message - and it does indeed mention $ree $20 Wal-Mart gift card, with code RRV200, plus $50 gas card.Sorry, but I am going to list the company as WAL-MART (!) since it is THEIR gift cards these jokers are trying to sell.If we were to SUE WAL-MART and get THEM to get behind prosecuting these jokers, and make this A FELONY - then we can start getting somewhere!AND these CRIMINALS (because that's what they are) need their NAMES, ADDRESSES AND CELL PHONE & HOME PHONE #'S POSTED PUBLICLY ON A "BLACK-LIST" OF FELONY VIOLATORS OF THE DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!Bottom line: SOMEONE *PAID* FOR THAT 551-221-4069 CELL PHONE SERVICE - AND *THAT* IS THE PERSON/COMPANY WHO NEEDS TO BE BLACK-LISTED AND PROSECUTED! [AND] also the 877 number - the owners of that number also need to be prosecuted, fined and JAILED! Because they are very likely funding the whole spam campaign.So, we need to know WHO pays the bill for 5512214069 [AND] for 8777046317.Once we know that, then we can publicly flog them among ALL OF THEIR FRIENDS, FAMILY, COMMUNITY, ETC. - so they will KNOW HOW UNETHICAL THESE FOLKS ARE![REMEMBER THIS:] *ONE HUGE BILLBOARD IN THE CRIMINAL'S HOME NEIGHBORHOOD* GOES A VERY LONG WAY to making people realize how UNETHICAL AND IMMORAL their neighbor is!AND LET'S GET THE MEDIA INVOLVED! They *LOVE* stories of "victimilzed people" like us.
Make sure you report it as a violation of the "do not call registry" if your phone # is on that.they are supposed to PAY FINES for violating that. Also, if it is someone pushing Wal-Mart stuff, we need to notify Wal-Mart as well. It's time WE start 'cell-SPAMMING' our legislators to make them put TOUGHER LAWS in place to stop this crap! Believe me - if just 50 of us get together and 'cell-spam' about 5 legislators, we will start to make them know that this needs to be stopped.Msg I got was: Thx 4 visting our site! Call 1877-704-6317, and the call came from 551-221-4069.I got this - just like several others, apparently after I tried recently to leave a TEXT message on an UNRELATED local number, and Sprint, for whatever reason, determines that my local colleague's phone is a LAND LINE - and Sprint automatically FORCES this service on you - and then you receive a small notice that says, "Your message was delivered using Text to Land Line" or words to that effect.So, my conjecture is that this "automatic text-to-land-line" service is taking our cell #'s and giving them to these SPAMMERS - AND *SPRINT* CONDONES THIS - OTHERWISE why would they DEFAULT to delivering these messages! I don't know about you, but if I accidently send a text or do an "ignore call" (because I'm on another call) - then I WANT the "message delivery to fail," if it is not a cell number that I am sending to! I don't want some 'crap service' that I never authorized, to be delivering messages for me!OK - just talked to Sprint and they said Text-to-Land line is AUTOMATICALLY enabled and they did not know that those folks are SPAMMING and selling our phone #'s - and the we can disable this service on our cell phones. They claim it is a "rotary dialer" that businesses are using to just randomly pick phone numbers to spam, but since I get these spams about 3 to 4 days after I am forced to use that "text to land line service," that is just too much of a coincidence to believe.And again, this is A VIOLATION OF DO NOT CALL! They sent a crap message "thanks for visiting our site" to "cover their a**es!" because I NEVER visited any site, and I certainly don't leave my cell # on some random site! I didn't see any more than just "thx for visiting our site," so i didn't see a Wal-Mart or any related company name. It is listed as a CELL PHONE in Bayonne, NJ. I did visit ProVantage.com the other night, but I don't believe they would spam.To be honest, it's probably a "burn phone" - a Wal-Mart cell phone purchased just to do this SPAM campaign - and the REAL SPAMMER is that 877-704-6317 number, that is included in the text. Also difficult to prove. So, Wal-Mart or whoever pays the spammer to use this "burn phone" and then denies any association with the spammer. And really, unless we go with WHITE-LIST-ONLY phone service, then we won't be able to do much about it - that is a phone service that ONLY ALLOWS CALLS AND TEXTS FROM PEOPLE ON YOUR WHITE-LIST.NOTE: ALSO COMPLAIN TO NJ ATTORNEY GENERAL! If A BUNCH OF US FILL OUT THOSE "AG COMPLAINT FORMS," we can get them to put some pressure on these SPAMMERS.Don't forget: Also Report these jokers as 'do not call registry violators!' It is their job to FINE these jokers!Also, we should COMPLAIN AND SUE WAL-MART! Since these scammers are advertising Wal-Mart cards, WAL-MART IS THE ONES WHO NEED TO PROSECUTE! This ruins their reputation, so it is a form of defamation of character against wal-mart.Also - SEND YOU LEGISLATORS a note that this MUST BE STOPPED!
Thx 4 visiting our site! Call 1877-704-6317 to claimYour FREE $20 Wal-Mart Card plus $50 Gas Card.  Gift Code: RRV2002end reply STOP
Same as above.  I've received two text messages for the Wamart gift card and the laptop site.  I have no idea how they got this number, as it has only been in service for a little over two weeks and I've been very careful about who I give it to.
Thx 4 visiting our site!Call 1877-704-6317 to claim Your free $20 Wal-mart Card plus $50 Gas card.Gift code: RRV2002end reply stop

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