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Browsed Number: 5635703622 | Location Code : 563 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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Des Moines
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Ditto UR MSG.  I KNOW this was yet another political call.  I will be SO GLAD when this election is OVER.  The Republicans call all times of day and night.  BUT I voted several days ago and thus they cannot change my vote now!  HOORAY!  By tomorrow night, all of this awful crap will be over and we Americans will face 4 more years of DIFFERENT crap, regardless of who wins....  Sad state of affairs here in America...
these bozos called and let the phone ring twice before hanging up.  I, too, have an unlisted number and am so frickin' glad this election is almost over with.
This number is from Santa Fe, New Mexico according to Caller ID. 505-919-7052. No message left. Called at 6:05pm EST. My guess is it's a Republican group of some sort. I've been inundated with calls these last two weeks from various states and various Republican group (I'm a registered Independent). The ones that leave messages are desperate and panicky sounding. I simply delete.I assume they got my *unlisted* phone number from an automatic, randomly computer-generated database as most telemarketers do. When you report them for calling a DNC number, they have, I believe, 3 weeks to remove your number from the list. Technically, they are supposed to check all the numbers generated against the DNC list initially but they don't bother.
do not call list.  i will report it to our governor in tall.  do not call. you are wasting our time. do not call

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