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603 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 603 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 603 Series

603-732-0338 me
Just got a call and have o idea who it is...just wish they had better things to do then call everyone.
603-732-0338 Bill
I just got a call from this number.  Like Lauren above, I heard a weird noise.I imagine they went out of range.
603-732-0338 Tylersmit
Got a call on my cell, they hung up before I answered it. Nuisance.
603-732-0338 lauren
I just got a call from them too, and at first it didn't sound like anyone was on the line then who ever it was made a weird noise at me and hung up.
603-732-0338 Larry
I just got a call from them saying I was on line and filled out a job app. I said I was not on line and I did not fill out any apps, not did I give out my cell number. He said well I have a job to do and I have to ask you some questions. I said I'm not interested and I'm blind and have a seeing eye dog. He continued to talk and I hung up.  I tried reverse calling number and came up with called from Milford and this sight.
603-732-0338 Kathi
WN Positions - job placment agency. They said that while I was online I stated I was looking for a job. 1) I was not online, 2) I'm not looking for a job and 3) I don't give out my cell phone number....Random dialing I guess.
603-414-1929 Anderson
Keeps calling will not leave me along I don't understand what they want me to do?
603-414-1929 Private
Stop These Hurassing Calls now !  Do you hear me 603-414-1929. Somebody do their Job STOP THIS UNWANTED HUASING of Privacy if this is not invating ones Private Life ! Next stop Telephon Companies are the loosers I can get along without Phone !
603-414-1929 Person has RIGHTS- Stop NOW
I know thah you are a COLLECTION AGENCY, so if you don't STOP I'M reporting you to the I.C.C. understand t6oo bad I can not get hold of your NECK !
603-414-1929 Carol Triplat
The matter in which they are calling about has been dealt with!
603-414-1929 Roger
603-414-1929 PORKY
calls everyday about a possible phone bill of my mom,s number  mom is in heaven tolcd them twice ,doesnt matter to them
603-414-1929 richard fulton
do not who it is  annoying
603-414-1929 tickedoff
Has called 3 times in the past 2 days. Just called again and it is almost 10 pm! Never leaves a message.
603-414-1929 nMT
IC Systems.  Collection agency, they've called from other numbers.They left no message.  I owe no one past due.
603-414-1929 Snapper
It's a call center and appears to handle debt collections for both NCO Financial and IC Systems (who both specialize in medical debt collections). Given that someone called and was routed to KIA roadside assist I imagine they must handle more than just debt collection. Either way the calls won't stop until your phone number is cleared out of their autodial rotation.
603-414-1929 Bill
This number is from a debt collector IC System
603-414-1929 robert
603-414-1929keep calling me don't know who or what they are
603-414-1929 jw
kia road side assistance...that is weird....i have been getting these calls...freequently...and my phone # is not listed.....a 866 is calling my cel phone.......i just do not answer them be cause...i had a new nubmer change...about 3 months ago....so i never had these calls until i had this number change......probably does not make a difference anyway...these people will find a way to call the dead....!!!!!!...some times the latest call is at 8:30 at night......i ignore them.....and for days there are no calls...i am going to call ..the telephone company...and at least let them know....peace !!
603-414-1929 Unknown Name
I just called tihs number. It's from Kia Roadside Assistance. The car company.
603-414-1929 florida
your son is only 20; soooo, hes an adult. not a child like you make it sound. a mammas boy it sounds like;;;;;lol  ha,ha
603-414-1929 Karen
calling my son also.. waking the family and he is only 20 so unless they give me a message he'll never know they called!
603-414-1929 Alex Quinn
This number has called my 12 year old son's phone numerous times and never left a message.
603-263-7095 E
Keep getting calls from this number 603-263-7095. Retuned call but get nothing but dead air. Annoying.
603-263-7095 toni t n
Three calls in three days. No messages. Returned call but got only white noise. Sent text telling caller to never call again. Got carrier message telling me I had made a "text to landline" message. Will leave more if more anonymous calls are received from this number.

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