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605 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 605 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 605 Series

605-252-5361 Anonymous
2018-12-13 20:59:33
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605-252-5361 Anonymous
2018-09-17 13:47:07
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605-252-5361 Anonymous
2017-11-15 19:36:56
IRS filing a law suit!!!!
605-252-5361 Anonymous
2017-11-08 23:40:04
Recording that says the IRS is filing a law suit against me
605-251-2784 Anonymous
2017-11-08 19:39:56
Constantly for over a year get calls from 218-355-5758 is one of the numbers. There have been several last four. Trying to get me ho to Disney need them to stop
605-252-5361 Anonymous
2017-11-08 19:12:21
605-252-5361 Anonymous
2017-11-08 17:34:49
Said they were IRS and filing a law suite against me.
605-229-0581 Anonymous
2017-10-17 01:04:16
This same phone number calling to speak with an unknown person. Although I told them this is not her number. They continue to call.
605-333-3491 Tayana
2015-01-29 00:11:52
Who called me
605-334-5232 Melly ☆
Stop calling me please!
605-334-5166 Jon
Kirby vacuum salesman
605-334-5166 des
Never leaves a message
605-334-5166 Jess
Did not answer
605-334-5166 Wm
Machine hangup
605-334-5000 Nellie
Keeps calling but leaves no message...
605-334-4892 bg
the number shows up as 334-4892 but on caller id is wide mathew--calls come at the same time each night.
605-334-4891 Kat
It's M.Y. Industries (they sell Kirby's) out of SF, SD
605-334-4868 SRB
I came on here to look up a call from a different number than this but it also read Wide Mathew on the caller ID.  Several people stated that that number (605-335-9701)was a call from Kirby vacuums.
605-334-4868 Wm
Answering machine hangup.
605-334-4791 XXX
Received several calls from phone number 334-4791. Caller ID showed caller as WIDE MATHEW. Finally answered, and it was a woman trying to sell me a Kirby carpet cleaner. She is very persistant and I had to finally hang up on her.
605-334-4230 nick
unknown caller
605-334-4159 angie
It is Kirby vacuum sales
605-334-4159 eileen
hang up when answering machine kicks in, they are calling constantly.  it's disgusting....
605-334-4159 Wm
Hangup on answering machine.
605-334-3378 Lynne
googled this # and it comes up as "Those interested can visit www.hillaryclinton.com/southdakota or call the Sioux Falls headquarters at (605) 334-3378. Someone will help you get in contact ..."the Hillary calls are getting close to being harrassment when you consider the number of hangups I get from them - DAILY!!!  Hill, baby, you are going to lose my vote if you don't quit calling me!
605-334-3193 Sam
This number 605 334 3193 is from master credit card services, handling diputes. & related issues, I think it's from their cooperate offices..Good Luck
605-334-3193 Karina
Unwanted calls from (605)334-3193
605-334-1336 Ugh!
They call all the time. Last call I got was at 4:26 AM on my cell phone!
605-334-1336 chrs
Kirby dude with super short shirt came and tried to tell me he was curbing.  Had no idea what that was then realized he was pronouncing Kirby really badly.  He said they wouldn't call unless I won either a $1000 gift card or another prize... guess what another prize is???  It's carpet cleaning in your house while they try to sell you a Kirby the entire time for hours.  Don't sign up!
605-334-1336 Me
Kirby called, telling me that I had won free carpet cleaning after recently filling out an entry form.  I haven't seen a Kirby saleman for 2 years after having one cold-call me.  I don't want carpet cleaning, and it took two hours to get rid of the last salesman so I don't want another one.

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