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607 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 607 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 607 Series

607-299-4975 Old Man
Been getting FAX calls to our voice line from this number so we have no idea what the content of the FAX  might be.  Last one came through at 3:25 AM 2/8/12. They started during the day but have gradually shifted to nighttime hours. Whatever the content might be we have no preexisting relationships with a business that would be doing this so we assume they are junk FAX calls. Try to call the # and it is always busy so that supports the Junk FAX premise.
607-299-4911 Donna Ruddy
Stop faxing us at all hours of the day and night. I have gotten calls three nights in a row at 4:30am. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
607-299-4911 Sharon Sanders
I receive calls from this number at all times of the day and when I answer it is only a fax machine. But they are calling a residential line - my home number, not a fax machine! Please stop them!
607-299-4911 Pete
Somebody needs to stop these people!!!! Calls in the middle of the night and all day long also. I have called back on the same # but it just goes to an answering service with no way to get to a person to be removed from their list.
607-299-4911 Deborah Redding
Please stop trying to Fax at 1AM.....
607-299-4890 herb doll
607-299-4890 Linda Kobryn
Got a call at 3:30 am saturday morning and 2 more calls after that
607-299-4890 E
I got a call from this number at 3:45 am today. I am in NJ also.
607-299-4890 NJ
Received call from this number at 4:45 AM
607-299-4886 It's not me
Forgot to include my name: this is M Gibbons and 607 299 4886 is not my number.
607-299-4886 Isn't me!
I apologize for the faxes but 607 299 4886 is NOT my phone number and has not been my phone number in over a year. I am not sending any faxes to anyone.
607-299-4886 Andover, NJ
over the past 1 1/2 months, we have had numerous calls in the middle of the night with a fax trying to come through. Usually happens around 3 or 4 am, very annoying and concerning.
607-299-4886 clifton nj
mystery multiple caller
607-299-4884 Ladii Q
I recently started receiving calls from this "krb industries" in the middle of the night. We are on the DNC list and our number is PRIVATE and NON-PUBLISHED! I'm very irritated!
607-299-4884 Barbara H.
We have received calls as late as 11:15 p.m and as early as 6:15.  We don't answer the phone, but find the calls disruptive.  I've tried calling back, always get a busy signal.  I figure they are busy harassing other people.  Does any one have any idea what the purpose of these calls is?  They come up on caller ID as KBR Industries, the phone number on the ID is 1 607 218-6028, so they must have a lot of phone lines.
607-299-4884 Dan B.
Same story here,KRB INDUSTRIES    607-218-6019  12:30 AM   Fax Machine for the past two weeks;
607-299-4884 John W.
Same story here. They've called several times in the past few weeks, sometimes in the late evening, sometimes at 3 a.m. and today at about 7:30 a.m. Always a fax tone on the other end. Caller ID number I have is 607-218-6033.
607-299-4884 Lisa G.
We have had calls from 607-299-4967 and 607-299-4975 as well.They come late at night or early morning (3:30 AM) and we get a fax sound. Have found a non-fax phone number for the company onoine (607-218-6045) but no one answers and the message says a voice mailbox has not been set up.
607-299-4884 Bob k.
I too have been receiving calls from KRB Industries, this morning it was at 3am but the number is607-218-6029  The man is plain nasty
607-299-4884 Steve L
We, from Virginia Beach join the ranks of people complaining of these phone calls - Have been getting them for 2 weeks usually early in AM 2am-4am and during day 8 am, noon, 3 pm  How can we stop? We are on DNC list but these are not sales calls just aggravating/harrassing.  607-299 4891 /4896 /4871 /4886
607-299-4884 Gunboat
Receiving calls, some late at night and some in mid morning. Sounds like a fax beep when phone is picked up. Very annoying.
607-299-4884 Deerfoot Lodge
Have gotten two calls from this KRB Industries - 607-218-6033.  Both times when answered all I heard was beep like from a fax machine.  Would appreciate them not calling any more.
607-299-4884 pgcoman
Trouble is - we ARE on the Do Not Call Registry - and it still doesn't help.
607-299-4884 Mary
On January 2, 2012 I started receiving these calls too, they come up as KRB Industries, I did some research & they are landlines by Choice 1 Communications. I spoke to them & they stated to contact my local police department. Phone # 's are 607-299-4890,4882,4877 so far. I have listed my phone # on the do not call list that takes up to 30 days to be in effect, but not sure if it will work. I have not gone to the Police yet but will if this does not stop. I have also tried calling KRB & cannot get connected with anyone.
607-299-4884 BR
Also getting calls in the middle of the night fir the last two weeks.  How can they be traced and reported?
607-299-4884 TT
Also getting calls from this number at all hours of the night for weeks now.  Wonder if we can find out how to reach them to stop the calls.
607-299-4884 George Kolodiy
Have been getting a call from this number at all times day and night
607-299-4884 JJ
They call constantly-always after  midnight. When you block the number, they change the last digit.(607)299-4882 9reverse phone to: Wager, Preble, NY  (607)299-4884 (reverse phone to: Hall, Cortland, NY (607) 4886 (reverse phone to: Gibbons, Cortland, NY. But on caller ID it shows up to KRB Industries.
607-299-4884 andy fuchs
calls me at all hours, will not accept MY return calls, sometimes a fax, sometimes no message, usually at 3-AM on my cell.
607-299-4884 BB

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