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612 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 612 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 612 Series

612-750-4220 Richard
2016-01-28 10:28:13
I received the same text saying my entry won a gift card from Target.
612-216-0111 ella
2015-02-18 20:01:52
number listed to call in a directbuy msp-stpaul promo for an Android Tablet presorted stamp used, no markings that it went through the mail return address was from directbuy and correct signed by the owners telephone number does not match what is listed on the website AND incorrectly refers to this number as toll free
612-823-3854 Shawn
Called my cell.
612-823-3411 Gman
They are try to deliver legal docs from credit cillectors.He also uses 612-518-8500
612-823-2429 tango delta
I have received several calls per day from this number.  It sounds like someone is there, who will not respond.  How do you stop this?
612-823-2429 JFam
Same here, multiple calls with no messages left.
612-823-2429 Shmoomaster
I received three calls from 612-823-2429 within the last week, but when I answered no one was there and when I called the number there was a disconnected tone.
612-823-2429 Epole
When I saw this number I knew it was a number I did not know. When I answered it sounded like no one was on the other line and if I called the number back it would have a disconnected tone.
612-823-2332 Star Kehm
I do not know who or why someone is calling my cell phone from this number.  I anm on the Do Not Call list and now we are starting to get these calls on the cell phone.   Who ever is making these calls can pay for them.  I will not answer any number that is an  Unvailable or Unknown listing!!!
612-823-2332 Jim
I keep get calls from this number no message, no response.
612-823-2332 luna
i would like to know whose number is this i got a missed call from this number and when i called back its says its not a working number
612-823-2332 xttiiaa
number has called both me and my friend at random for the past few weeks (creepy) we answer and noone says anything then hangs up on us.
612-823-2229 melanie
calls over and over and when I answer they hang up. I call back and they hang up again.
612-823-2229 melanie
this number calls me several times a day and when I answer they just hang up. I try to call back but it hangs up again.
612-823-2229 Lauren
Just got a call from this number today. No voicemail left.
612-823-2229 Viktar
couldn't call back, have nobody known with this number
612-822-5629 david
(612) 822-5629‎ is this Remarkable Photography in Minneapolis, MN ? What kind of services do they offer ?
612-822-2566 dee
NOT a phone call but and article sent via FedEx with this origin telephone no.  When dialed, it is no longer in service...
612-821-6495 damo
612-821-4298 Larry Frier
This is a business...no solicitation is welcome.
612-821-4298 Max
This was a telemarketer from "Panda Security". He felt the need to call me five times over the past week, until I finally picked up. He wanted to sell me stuff, of course.Blocked!
612-821-4298 sarah
They called me at 6 am! WTF. i did not answer. who is this person? the number they called me with was 61282142983
612-821-4298 Liquid
"Panda Security" or possibly ESET
612-821-4298 8n42983
We received a call from +61282142983
612-821-3528 BP
I'd been getting the same, but today that nuimber left a message.  The caller was the from the MCCL "Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life."  (Right-to-lifer's concerned for fetuses.)
612-821-3528 All
Someone calls but leaves no message.
612-820-9410 tt
unknown caller
612-820-9305 Rich
The number called me at work.
612-820-9032 patricia
said I was being sued for non payment on internet service I have been with the same company for two years and have had no other carrier what is going on If I find out who did this I will sue them for harassing and threatning my friends.
612-820-8320 kathryn
Fax machine called me at home on a non-fax line, from somewhere in the states.  I am in Canada and am registered for the do not call list.  Apparently the list doesn't apply to international calls so this is really irritating.  Who are these people, so I can write and complain?

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