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615 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 615 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 615 Series

615-562-4350 Anonymous
2018-07-07 01:11:39
I received a call from this number, saying they are from the IRS regarding my federal income tax...he kept asking for my info and I wouldn't give it. missed 4 calls from this number in the last 2 hours. very annoying
615-250-1092 Anonymous
2018-06-14 18:31:22
just received this same call today and he is wanting my info from my taxes but is not going to get it. I work to hard to keep up dead beat asses that don't want to work.
615-595-0676 Anonymous
2018-04-02 16:40:22
615-595-0676 Anonymous
2018-04-01 22:11:24
615-569-7098 Anonymous
2018-03-28 00:22:46
Number keeps calling, but never leaves a message.
615-590-0911 Anonymous
2018-03-08 20:34:37
oil exploration crap....
615-562-0368 Greg
2015-03-17 03:10:13
This number range me today, March 16, 2015, saying that they were raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness. When I stated that I was on the Do Not Call list, they hung up.
615-257-0120 Mike
Called my cell phone.
615-257-0026 Kat
Unknown Caller, any ideas?
615-256-9502 gregory
Martin's Wrecker Service268 Hermitage Ave Nashville, TN 372106152569502www.martinwrecker.com   As the oldest towing company in Kokomo we take pride in our prompt & courteous service and damage free towing!24 Hour Towing Wrecker Service Towing Service Roadside Assistance Auto Wrecker
615-256-7706 annoyed cashier
Nov. 21, 2008 11:02 am. A gentleman with heavy Indian accent, called the restaurant I work for today, he said he was from US Business Association Yellow pages.  He said he was calling to update the store's info, he wanted a lot of info like the name of the owner, my name, address of the store, the phone number.  However, when he was reading from whatever information he already had all the information was wrong. He had the wrong state, wrong number and kept referring to the store by it's old name (the store has a new name and owner.) I was pretty sure it was some sort of scam so when he started to ask if the info that he had was correct, which it wasn't, I just said yes and hung up.  Later that day I googled the phone number which showed up on the Caller ID 615 256 7706, and the results that came up were for an actual listing in Nashville TN for a photographer.
615-256-7367 Mister P
Recievd call from a person who identified herself as Renee from Carmax to verify address. When I called the number back a man answered and stated Dollar Car.
615-256-7156 Jane
This is the phone number for the Frost-Arnett company, which is a collections company.
615-256-6181 tresor
these people call me twice a day and leave no message.
615-256-6181 cannonman
Left NO message on answering machine after two calls w/in 3 minutes of each other.  Filed complaint with FTC's "Do Not Call" Site.Area code appears to be Nashville, TN area.
615-256-2642 Sherry Hawkins
This business, if they are a legal business keeps harassing my 85 year old mother. They claim she owes them a debt and she does not owe anything she has never heard of them before. Who ever this company really is should have there phone removed and not be allowed to harass our older generation. They call her every day several times a day. I called them and left a message if it was really a debt they should know her address and send something in writing. I gave them a certain time to call when I would be there and they called her twice before that time and never called during the hour I waited to talk to someone. This company should have charges brought against them. My mother has already been scammed and she should not be harassed in her last years on earth.
615-256-2642 Craig
This number has called me for over a month but I could never get a "human".  I finally got through and they said they have no idea why they are calling me.  Said that I do not nor have ever had an account with them.  I demanded they remove my number out of their calling list and they refused.  I ended up having to file a harrassment report with local law enforcement for them to stop calling.
615-256-2642 selkie
Same thing as last time: This call came through my work number & most of the way through the recording by the time I answered.This time it had come through at 1:49pm. I guess of they are trying to reach for someone & it is so important, they need to fix the timing on their recording, or try making a call in person for a change.
615-256-2642 selkie
This call came through my work number @ about 9:15 this morning. It was most of the way through the recording by the time I answered. I went on Any Who & pulled up the information on the caller. (It is as above: Buffaloe & Associates, Lawyers201 4th Avenue North, Ste 1300Nashville, Tennessee 37219)
615-256-2642 Danna
I missed a call from this number. I didn't call back but I googled and found some information about this caller:Buffaloe & Associates, Lawyers201 4th Avenue North, Ste 1300Nashville, Tennessee 37219Phone: (615) 256-2642Fax: (615) 254-8313
615-255-9255 Kenneth
Also, a legitimate collection agency will send you a letter, just like a grown-up, instead of calling you ten times a day trying to scare you.
615-255-9255 Gail (again)
I posted the above back in August. I took my resume off Careerbuilder and Monster and the calls stopped. I put my resume back up last week, and they started calling again. I do not think they are calling me about collections since I am super anal about my credit score and am not aware of any debt I owe anyone. Plus, any legitimate collections agency would tell you who they are when you call the number back (which I did, see my post above). I have a feeling if they are saying they are with a collections company, that is part of their scam. I also filed a complaint with the donotcall.gov site, but since it looks like you filed yours in August and it is now December, it probably isn't going to do any good.
615-255-9255 D
This number continues to call me as well, and on my cell AND work phone!  Both of my numbers are listed on the 'do not call' registry.  Therefore, I went to www.donotcall.gov and filed a formal complaint.  If your phone numbers are not registered with this service, I would suggest doing it ASAP.  If they proceed to call after 30 days of your registration, the Fed government can and will take legal action.
615-255-9255 Lucy
Same thing happened to me. Only my stupid butt gave her my number. Lesson learned.
615-255-9255 nobody
sounds like chris works for them...lol
615-255-9255 HR Professional
Hey Chris, when I file fraudulent activity for a 3rd party collection agency renewing 10+ year old debt to look like brand new on my credit report, we'll see who's laughing.
615-255-9255 Scammer Hater
Chris, you're an @$$hole.  You must work for these idiots.  I bet if I call this number back and I ask for you by name, I might be able to get ahold of you.
615-255-9255 Not Stupid
Gee do you work for these people.  A**!
615-255-9255 iknwuha
Chris,you must work for these crooks,i used to work for scammers just like these....so time to change your company name and phone # AGAIN!!!, YOU BUSTED!
615-255-9255 Meg
Wow. Scammers can mess with our credit reports now? That is scary.

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