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616 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 616 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 616 Series

616-931-1135 Kim
2015-06-02 21:04:31
Never leaves one.
616-334-2997 joe
Dont know but they keep calling
616-334-1477 Kitty83
phone# belongs to Melissa Anne Nink of Grand Rapids MI
616-334-0676 lyn
Called at 1 am and 6 am. no message. no details.
616-332-4808 Ethan
UNKNOWN caller
616-329-7386 Tracy
The number called me at work.
616-329-6704 Diane
Who is it?
616-329-3319 Whitney
unknown number calling
616-328-6592 Mike
Caller is calling about outstanding student loans
616-328-6592 MG
Caller is calling about outstanding student loans.
616-328-6448 katy
actually i think its a scam, the lady that gave me that number emailed it for health care ins but i found it odd. her name is katie kelly but her email was a personal email and had no kind of business signature. i didnt trust it. if it were a real business the email would have provided who she worked for along with the number but i had to ask her for her number.
616-328-6448 katy
its for health care ins.
616-328-6437 Jason
616-328-6414 Kyra
No message left.
616-328-6327 Kyle
This number has called my home several times.
616-328-6134 Ellie
University of Dubuque calling to see if my daughter is interested in going there. She isn't and never expressed interest in that school.
616-328-6134 GJ
Daughter answered and it was for her.  Woman with southern twang (from Michigan) asking if she was still interested in Anna Maria College which is just down the road from us here in Massachusetts...  And we wonder why college is so expensive?  Gee, if they can hire outside firms to make their phone calls...  And on a Sunday evening...
616-328-6134 A
I keep getting phone calls from college admission groups, but I've been out of High School for 6 years now, so I don't know why they're so interested in me. Also, they called me on a Sunday, which I thought was very odd.
616-328-6134 Laurie
We also receive calls from this number. My son is a high school senior and has recently taken the ACT and SAT. When you sign up for these tests, they ask if you want to participate in a "college search" program. I'm sure that's what's generating the calls. I just wish they would leave a msg.'
616-328-6134 Laura
We got similar call from this number labeled as Admissions office.  We did not answer since we did not recognize the area code (Michigan). No voice message was left.  My daughter is a HS senior and she is on the Lindfield (in OR) mail list as this was one of her primary schools of interest.  We do get info in mail but have not gotten any known phone calls.
616-328-6134 M
Thank you Glen.  Makes sense.  Linfield College is a respected little private school in Oregon.  We also have an incoming senior who just took the SAT.
616-328-6134 glen
Caller asked for our daughter by her first name.  When I asked his name and why he's callig, he said that he wanted to know if she will be going to Linfield College in Oregon.  We never heard of this school.  I told him no, and he said that he would remove her listing for their call database.  Probably got her name & info from the College Board SAT exam.  Don't know why a legitimate college would not contact a prospective student by mail with appropriate descriptive information rather than use an unsolicited call from some dubious - probably paid - service outfit.  Area code is from Micihigan.Never give out personal or financial information to unsolicited callers whom you do not know and/or have never had any previous verifiable contact with.
616-328-6134 D
Says admissions office on call i.d.
616-328-6134 annoyed
same here. it comes up as michigan call, but i didn't answer it. anyone know who it is? have you answered when they call? i've gotten several others from new york and colorado, but i never answer them. they never leave a message either.
616-328-6111 April
No one there when answered
616-328-6000 j
got a text saying this is jen n i should get on Y!M so we can chat. its:carrarasadie
616-328-6000 j
got a text saying this is jen n i should get on Y!M so we can chat. its:carrarasadie
616-328-5968 Patrick
Calls multiple times per day.
616-328-5928 Grace
they never leave a message.
616-328-5792 bluescrubs
recording "Barbara is not available for this call, please leave a message"I didnt call her, she called me...i dont even know a barbara or what she wants

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