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Browsed Number: 6172029430 | Location Code : 617 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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The message said "This message is for Jillian Vorton. If you are not Jillian Vorton, hang up now and delete this message. Otherwise, you are confirming you are Jillian Vorton." How dumb is that, to leave that on a voice message? British accent. Calls my MagicJack number once a week. I wonder if Jillian had that number before me?
How do I apply for the tickettoworkathome" for people receiving  Social Security disability benifits? mu e-mail address is lghana4u@yahoo.com.
Mister X
This is a recorded message from a company that promotes computer- and telephone-based work at home programs for disabled people.  They appear to be hooked up with "Ticket To Work", which is a legitimate program of the Social Security Administration to help the handicapped find work which is both compatible with their disabilities but won't jeopardize the continuation of disability benefits.   It's entirely possible that this is not a scam.  They provide a website address, http://www.tickettoworkathome.org/ which sends you to the same page as their standard website, http://www.nticentral.org/.  They do offer an automated opt-out to their do not call list by pressing 9 before the message plays out.
Government Official
I received a call from an individual asking if this phone number was legitimate. She said the message advertised an opportunity to work at home and directed her to call them back. She was concerned it was a scam. I don't know if it is, but I advised her to be very careful about these types of calls. I found this website while trying to find out more information about this number.
Called hung up on answer machine. Also 617-202-9402 same thing.
It's a debt collector
about me being disable and if I wanted to work 20 hrs. per week
received a call from 617-202-9424 on my cell phone - didn't anwser. No message. The number is registered in Massachusetts.

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