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623 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 623 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 623 Series

623-239-4563 Anonymous
2017-12-06 14:06:49
623-242-0449 Anonymous
2017-10-12 02:21:03
Most likely scam. Calls leaves no message
623-255-3608 Anonymous
2017-09-22 20:05:48
Idiot calling by making fun of my babe. Wouldn’t say a word and he kept going on and on. Scum bag.
623-206-2627 Anonymous
2017-09-08 20:33:10
called this morning no message, i called back and it's not a working number- must be a scam
623-238-6108 anon-colorado
we have some old uncollected debt of about $300 from over 10 years ago, we get a lot of these "junk collectors" which we never answer. I suspect this call was from them as well. I don't know anyone in arizona. I didn't answer. sometimes I answer and put the call on hold or just leave the phone off the hook until they hang up.
623-238-6104 casakelash
Man named Benjamin, strong accent. Said that my phone number had been chosen to receive a free cellphone through Sprint. Advised that I already had a cellphone, man started to ask me what my monthly bill was for my current cellphone. I interrupted him and advised him that my number is on the Do Not Call registery, and asked him if he realized that his company could get fined for calling me if I turned them in.
623-238-6104 casakelash
When did you sign up for the DNC? If it was more than 5 years ago, then your original registeration has probably ran out. Go back to the DNC website and reregister. The registerations are only good for 5 years. I also got a call from this particular number saying that my number was chosen to receive a free cellphone from Sprint.
623-238-6104 Arlen
Got a call from this number. When answered a male voice with a strong accent said he could help me save money on my mortgage. DNC list is not working for me.
623-238-6103 skosh
see also 'promo product' report, as it is a 623-238-#  suspect same company.never leaves message.
623-238-6103 Lawrence
I too, am a RN.  No doubt now that it must be a recruiter. He/she left no message , but the ph number was recorded.
623-238-6103 A Fabulas RN from MD
Yes I agree this is probably a recruiter. I went to the AORN Congress in Orlando in April and silly me filled out items to win free iPods etc.I wish they would just let a message instead of calling so much. Ahhh the price of being an RN in demand.Thank You Big Joe For adding the RN to your name. This was the missing link in the puzzle.
623-238-6103 JR
Keeps calling....we never answer....still keeps calling.  Never leaves a voice message
623-238-6103 Kari
I'm guessing it was a recruiter. I got a call today also. I'm a nurse as well and made the mistake of filling out info for traveling on the internet a few years ago. I get calls all the time.
623-238-6103 Big Joe RN
No message left on voice mail.
623-238-6102 supedve
Gota a call this a.m., didn't recognize the exchange and have been getting alot of these type of calles recently. Awaiting for my next unsolicited call.
623-238-6102 RJ
Upon answering after 2 rings caller hung up.
623-238-6102 MM
I have received two calls in the past two days, the first caller was...perhaps from India, and rude! Trying to sell me a Sprint phone plan using "Good news!" to interest me. I won a contest but in order to receive my winnings I needed to enter into a contract for $39.00 a month.The second call ; no-one spoke. It appears that they are using the 623 exchange to conect to India? (I heard a series of clicks)
623-238-6102 cmr
I have received many phone calls from this number, but I've only answered two in which I received free Sprint phone solicitations by a man with a heavy accent (Indian perhaps).  I did notice a long delay in the connection once I answered.  I suspect the phone call originated overseas and most likely a scam.  I have reported this to Sprint as it is in their best interest to keep their reputation from being tarnished.
623-238-6102 Disgruntled Cell Phone Owner
I just got a call from this number.  Some guy with an accent.  I knew it was an unsolicited call just by looking at the number.  When I answered the the call he asked for me by my name, but I lied and said he had reached a wrong number.  It didn't matter to him cuz he went on to ask "Are you a family member?"  Something was up, so I asked where he was calling from and that's when he hung up on me.  I'm guessing he was trying to pass the same sprint scam on me.  He's actually called several times before, but I was never able to answer the call.  Anyway, I just filed a complaint since my # is on the do not call registry.  Suggest others to do the same so that this scumbag can get tracked down and fined.
623-238-6102 Ed
Received a call this morning and they asked for Mr. Brown and when I said they had the wrong number they wanted to confirm the number indicating their data indicated this information.  I did not confirm the number and strongly suggested that if I receive another call I would file a report.
623-238-6102 Annie
Starting to get calls from this number. Did not answer the calls.
623-238-6102 Marty
I got back from up north at my other home after 5 or 6 days. There were 6 entries on my caller ID log for the number 623-238-6102.  I had no idea who this mightbe nmor did my wife. I decided to call the number back on my cell phone - there were actually 2 numbers on the ID - one was 6101 and the other was 6102.  I called 6102 first - dead silence - some static way in the background. I retried at 6101 and same thing - nothing at all except static way in the background - waited a minute or two to see if there would be a pickp. I suspect this is someone international dialing thru this number to get into the US phone system. I would have to guess it was telemarketing of some sort and auto dial due to the large volume of complaints and comments herein. The Caller ID indicated "Cell Phone on all incoming logs.
623-238-6102 Andi
I recieved a call today from a man with a heavy accent as well from this number although I couldn't understand it well I pressume it was about the same Sprint promotion thing others here have stated.
623-238-6102 bassnstan
caller id notes 623 238 6102 they hang up or disconnect before speaking
623-238-6102 vacation
Have been getting them for about a week. I also get told its a sprint give away. I tell them your calling my cell phone, dont need two plans. Ask them not to call anymoe, hasnt done any good. 3 today, I just dont answer.
623-238-6102 jackie
this same number calls me several times a day i sometimes there is a person, other times when i answer the call disconnects, they claim to be calling from Sprint to offer a new free phone. i just hang up and tell them to put me on their do not call list
623-238-6102 annoyed
get a life. people do have bigger problems in there life than annoying phone calls. please get a life-annoyed with people who have no lives.
623-238-6102 Justin
When I answered, the caller ID said PROMO OFFER. I picked up and nothing was there. I'd say this number had the dead giveaway!!
623-238-6101 jonesloop
Endless calls from this number!
623-238-6101 jonesloop
Just endless calls from this number!

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