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631 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 631 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 631 Series

631-233-8700 Anonymous
2018-06-15 17:02:41
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631-243-0180 Anonymous
2017-10-06 20:16:33
My office gets a call everyday from this man wanting to speak to the owner. They never transfer calls to me as I don't take cold calls. Clams it is in regards to correspondence he sent. I will never speal with him.
631-480-6775 D
2017-01-17 14:58:29
Someone left a text to my wife
631-318-3050 Mark
2016-01-28 15:31:13
stop calling if you won't answer
631-661-7100 Nat
2015-02-12 01:32:50
They just called me twice, didn't leave message. I just heard strange beeping when answering the phone.
631-332-3276 report it to the Brentwood, suffolk county police, NY
2015-02-11 20:21:42
If you look around, you can find that this number is supposedly a 14 year old more or less ATT cell number from Brentwood, NY..if I'm remembering correctly. If you contact the police in the area that the number is registered to, you can do something about it. It is in the jurisdiction of the Police in that area. Call them. This number called my cell and I didn't pick up. They left no message.
631-265-0349 JUDY
631-264-9558 Katie
I got two strange text messages in the middle of the night that I assumed were from an ex boyfriend but he lives in South Australia.
631-264-9434 Paula
No answer
631-264-5830 Barbara
Hangs up when call is answered -- is now blocked from our home phone.
631-264-5745 Mia
I ignored the call.
631-264-4972 Todd
I missed a call from this number.
631-264-4850 Mike
caller called for the first time today.
631-262-8989 Bill
Mike sorry to hear this.  I just received a call with a very heavy accent from a woman.  I hung up on her before she can go into her scam.  Hope you can resolve this issue with the phone company. Good luck to you!
631-262-8989 Mike
TLC is a reputable landscape design company and is not spamming/scamming you- the number was stolen and we are currently working with the phone company to resolve this issue...We are sorry for any inconvienences and please don't give any information to the caller.
631-262-8989 WTMcG
'Michael' called about a business I haven't been using for years.
631-262-8989 BR
Calls my cell phone at least once a day.I call back and said it was not in service Tired of the BS.
631-262-8989 CJ
Calls my business 2 to 3 times a day. Sick of ALL the scammers, insurance sales people, telemarketers and time wasters that call everyday. I don't answer 800 numbers of any kind. AnywayCalled the number back and said it was not in service. SCAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
631-262-8989 THIS IS MICHAEL
Someone had hacked my telephone and really caused me a lot trouble. My phone rang approximately 150x with calls from all over the US (california ,ohio,idaho etc..) on tues and wed i had taken it off hook. Please do not reply to the caller or give him any info . What he is doing is called stoofing and complaints can be filed with the federal trade commission 1-877-382-4357. I apologize to everyone who has been annoyed by this situation. Thank you Michael TLC inc.
631-262-8989 Hkjk14
Man with name "Michael" and heavy Indian accent calls requesting to speak to :name he provided: When told there is no person here by that name, he proceeded to speak with urgency as if it was dire to speak with this person. An Internet search of the phone number showed it was a landscaping company. Caller is clearly a scammer who is hacking a phone line to commit their crimes.
631-262-1366 Olivia
Phoned and left no message.
631-261-8800 di**o
That garrett guy sucks his dad off for money..f****n f**
631-261-8800 anyone
i got into a no fault accident where i didnt have insurance as it had lapsed.  Ok so it was their clients fault, they never payed me anything for my totalled car.  And they are now holding my license priveages.  This goes back to 2009 where thier client ran the stop sign and i t boned them.  My friend that was with me was injured.  They were so quick to throw me in the cop car that i never got the peoples information i was in the wreck with,  these people are scammers.
631-261-8800 tr
I agree these people are idiots in the worse way. I was in a no fault accident but had to pay for damges as well because my insurance had lapsed, I called this company to make a payment. First time was told couldn't make a payment because their system was down and to call back. Then called back and couldn't get through just kept getting shuffled around untill the line went dead. I finally reached them today. The guy I spoke with-Eric Lundy was extremely rude. He stated they sent me envelopes so I should use them. Then he started yelling about how much money I owe and when I stated I couldn't find the envelopes and if they could send some more he yelled no and hung up in my face. I'm filing a formal complaint and if they continue to behave this way by disrespecting the customers I'm suing for harassment.
631-261-8800 Idiots
Called and said I owed $8000 for an accident.  We'll fine, except I don't have a car, and was not in an accident.  The jerk on the phone said, we'll that doesn't matter to me I have your name.I did call the insurance company he told me that sent the $8000 from, and they said they did not have me on record.  Called DMV, and same thing. No recordCalled the guy back, and let him know that I had called, and he proceeded to call me a liar, and I will be sued if I don't pay this ASAP.  Really? I think I would know if I was driving a car, and got in an accident!  Kind of hard to drive a car when I don't own, or even have or borrowed a car.I hope they dont' treat all their customers this way.
631-261-8800 Joey
That guy Garrett is from Thomas George Associates!!
631-261-8800 Garett
Stop running from your legitimate debts and pay them back you deadbeat.
631-261-8800 Jana
This is an attorney's office for many insurance companies. They are calling to collect on insurance. For instance i was in a no fault car accident and since I live in Iowa and I have no insurance it is my fault. I called them back and they asked me for $1622.00 - I advised them to come and get me with the courts.
631-261-8800 Sam
Called twice in a row, didn't recognize area code or number so didn't answer. Google search revealed they are TGA: Thomas George Associates, they are based in New York. Here's their site, ttp://www.tgaltd.com/
631-261-8800 Michael
This number called my cell phone but i do not answer calls from unknown numbers. They left a voicemail saying the guys name was john morgan? then he left a call back number which was completely different than the number that he called from. and he also said that when I called him back his switch board would ask me for a case number in order to patch me through, so he gave me a case number? What the hell was this? I am not returning the call so I cannot tell you if he was a bill collector? sorry, will let you know in the future if i can actually find out...

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