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662 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 662 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 662 Series

662-293-7670 Unkown caller
I don't know who this was as they did not leave a message.
662-293-1580 Donald
just got a call
662-292-7384 sha
they didnt respond
662-292-7118 suzkata
Clean Pro Carpet Cleaning8696 Millbranch Rd, Southaven, MS 38671662 292 7118
662-292-5294 thekid
i got a text from this # saying they were god and freaking me out
662-292-5144 Darryrl Carroll
I want to know from where and who number is this
662-292-0381 mar
would like to know who is calling
662-292-0381 mar
this  # has called several times in the past 2 weeks.  I do not know this # and I did not answer the phone, but it is annoying. I have signed up to be on the do not call list for cellphones
662-291-4700 Daniel
Anybody getting calls from this number?
662-289-7266 Nicole
Calls all the time. Does not leave any message.
662-289-3275 Jill
Anyone else getting calls from this phone number?
662-289-0302 Handyman
I live in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora and the call seems to be coming from Hermosillo.  I did not catch the call in time to answer it so I don't know who it is.  Is there a do not call list for Mexico?
662-289-0302 Zars
Yo acabo de recibir una llamada de ese numero pero como no conozco, no contrste
662-289-0302 Lynn Prince
I too received them   we live in  Mexico
662-289-0302 Lynn Prince
we too keep receiving them in Mexico
662-288-9943 gregory
wait r we supposed 2 put are own fone nomber on here cause this is mine
662-288-7845 jj
662-288-1876 Logan
This number keeps calling.
662-287-8658 Samuel
calling repeatedly
662-287-2841 linda
Dont know who
662-286-6949 Phil
They called saying they were "Med Insurance" and asked for my date of birth to verify who I am. I told her I'd never heard of them, so why the heck would I give them my personal details? She hung up.
662-286-1048 danny mcclain
please stop calling
662-286-1048 halfpint
They call 2-3 a day, Sundays, and today is Thanksgiving and they have called twice today so far! They never leave a message and I will not answer calls that I do not know...I figure if it's important they will leave a message as to who it is calling and what it is about. If they don't feel it's important enough to do that then I don't feel it's important to call them back.
662-286-1048 achtland
They've called my cell several times, but my phone was off or I didn't hear it. Never leave a message. I went to their website and sent an email telling them I have no credit accounts, accounts in collection, etc. and asked to have my number removed. We'll see what happens.
662-286-1048 d Dye
They keep. Calling my deceased husband!!!!  Idiots. I told them he had passed they snorted n told me when he gets home have him. To call them. And my favorite is there a phone where hes at so we can contact. Him?  WELL WHEN U GET THAT NUMBER TO HEAVEN WILL U CALL ME BACK N LET ME HAVE THAT DIRECT LINE?!?!?!  REALLY?!?!  ITS BN LESS THAN A YEAR.LIKE I DONT. HAVE ENOUVH STRESS
662-286-1048 Boog E Mann
They robo called me on a Sunday. I added them to my contacts and gave them a silent ringtone with no LED light and no vibration. Now they are just a notice of a missed call. AMF dik heds.
662-286-1048 DEBORAH
662-286-1048 Hannah Monroe
I get calls from this number at least 3-4 times a day and Iam tired of it they need to get the right number for Christi Pastroski.
662-286-1048 Jenny
I got this phone two months ago and repeatedly keep getting messages for someone else, and phone calls. Some are not even in English! This number keeps calling me also
662-286-1048 Jon Savage
Call it back, hit 0, then leave the phone sitting for 10 minutes.

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