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703 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 703 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 703 Series

703-525-1639 Anonymous
2018-08-30 12:03:37
I got a call from Koons Ford new vehicles dealership, located in Alexandria, VA. I am Not looking for a new car. I suspect this was a cold call. I do Not want any cold call. Maybe a wrong number
703-476-3301 Kevin
2016-01-28 10:16:20
all is good
703-476-3301 suspcious
2015-06-30 19:50:09
called both work and cell phone. have no idea who they are and the do not leave messages.
703-204-0015 Sam
2015-04-13 02:18:41
call rec'd at 1900 4/12/15 Clinton for President asking for money
703-238-4379 Tami
A hang up call
703-237-9147 NOVE
It's Virginia Tech's alumni association, and they do ask for donations :)
703-237-9147 James
Got a call after 8pm, when I picked up they hang up immediately.
703-237-9147 Mike
Actually I believe this number is associated with the Cook Counseling Resource Center at Virginia Tech.
703-237-9147 Dan
My guess is VA Tech agent trying to get donations
703-237-9147 RCK
Multiple calls with no voice message left. late evening (~8pm +/-).
703-237-9146 Eric
Phoned and left no message.
703-237-9139 Melinda
ignored it
703-237-9138 Skagen
Robocaller or telemarketer--does not leave message.
703-237-9138 RCK
Multiple calls with no voice message left. late evening (~8pm +/-).
703-237-9131 gcDC
Caller ID says "COMM NET SRVC" - not sure what that is
703-237-9131 RCK
multiple calls with no voice mail. late evening (~8pm +/-)
703-237-9128 Sean
Caller said that he is from VA Tech updating their records. Wanted to know where I work...
703-237-9124 r
A repeat of solicitation calls originating from VA Tech (what is SUPPOSED TO BE a reputable school in Va) to an unlisted number on the DNC list.Other solicitation calls with this caller id origin over last 6 mo are:703-237-9121703-237-9126repeated complaints filed with DNC registry on these calls.
703-237-9122 R
Call from VA Tech.  An unwanted solicitation.  number called is on FTC/DNC list.  Other numbers used are:  703-237-9124, 703-237-9121, 703-237-9136, complaints filed with FTC.
703-237-3400 Bob
call, hang up
703-236-9984 Rachel
Unknown phone number.
703-236-7099 Griz
Received calls from this #, & also 703-823-9550.Called the # back, and it was answered as BoatUS.dispatch.Spoke with a Lady named Rachial who was very polite. They were looking for a service provider, to help a customer in Alaska.http://www.boatus.com/deptdir/Take care, be safe.God bless.Griz - Alaska
703-236-6000 Bwilmer
I have received dozens of calls from these guys, even after asking them to remove my number from their calling list.  I have never had any business with them.They never leave a message, they just call, call, call.
703-236-6000 Lindsay
I called the number back and it went to an advisor at Argosy University. I asked to them to please take my number of their calling list and they told me they would do so and it would take 72 hours to process. Guess I'lll know after 72 hours if it worked...
703-236-6000 Jennifer
Stop calling my phone
703-236-6000 Dan
Push an ad about grants for school...after I filled out the info my email and phone was blowing up with long distance and local #s...big mistake...I hope this doesn't continue on the following day
703-236-6000 Brian
Called my cell phone nearly every hour for the past week.
703-236-6000 Phil
I spoke with an employment networking company today about a job and they referred me to Career Institute to start the process of finding a school to get my MBA while I'm working full-time.  This # called me less than five minutes after hanging up the phone.  Also got calls from an 847 and 602 area codes.  No one on the other end when I answer and sometimes it only rings once and then stops.
703-236-6000 KT
Called me 3 times today, including quite early in the morning even though it's a Saturday.  They didn't leave a message either.
703-236-6000 Chantel
I requested information on this university (as in a brochure or something) and they blow up my phone almost everyday.

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