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705 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 705 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 705 Series

705-521-5846 Anonymous
2018-11-14 18:18:14
they won't stop calling me lol I am getting sick of it they call me 3 times a day
705-662-0209 Rod
Just wondering who is calling
705-658-7804 paula s.
annoying phone calls! It's gotta be the Canadian Pharmacy.
705-658-7804 Lancer62
Just called - no message.Best guess would be "Canadian Pharmacy" since they pop up under all sorts of area codes.They are on my block list now too.
705-658-7804 Sean
Just got one too, on my cell
705-655-4070 Unknown
I got a call from this # at 8:58am...claiming they were "searching" for "relatives" in my area...I highly doubt it. They said they were from Springfields, Georgia and in the Columbus, Georgia area...I immediately lied, and I said I dont know...They gave me 2 names to search for that may have lived in my location. I again, replied with an 'I dont know, can I take a message?'. They said they would call back at 6:00pm that day...I dont know if this conversation was real, or not, but it seemed real, yet fake...
705-653-7531 Joseph
Need to find out who it is.
705-652-9192 BN
705-648-0202 Lisa
you have been stalking my mom and im very suspicious of who you are! how do i find out his name !!!!!!!
705-647-4114 Chris
This is who the number is registered to... I don't live in New Liskeard, but if somebody does maybe they should swing by and find out what Mr. Garlick's intentions are....http://www.tritownchamber.ca/MERGED-Memeber%2 ... l%2023-2008.pdf :Primitive Element Suite 202 756 McCamus New Liskeard,      Contact:    James Garlick Title:   Owner Category: Entertainment Telephone: 705-647-4114 Website:   E-Mail: james@primitive-element.com Description:   Concert promotion & event planning
705-647-4114 Drew Robertson
two hang-ups tonight really starting to piss me off!
705-647-4114 Izzy
Same here in the past 2 weeks they have been calling and when I answer they hang up but, Just today I had 2 calls from that # 705-647-4114 , and I'm also on the no call list they are really starting to piss me off, only because my husband works night shift and that phone call wakes him up all the time
705-647-4114 Anita
705-647-4114 has come up numerous times on my display in the past 2 weeks, when I answer they hang up, I've tried calling that number to find out who the pain in the a** person is, the line is always busy. Tomorrow I will contact the phone company and put in a harassment complaint. I am on a NO CALL list, but still receive phonecalls from telemarketers, I'm fed up. All of us need to follow up on these people who are so bothersome.
705-647-4114 Guillaume Labonte
Keep getting called by this phone number, getting really enoying.
705-647-4114 Guillaume Labonte
Keep getting called by this phone number, getting really enoying.
705-646-3117 Edward
Who is the owner?
705-639-2274 DENROB
RECEIVED THIS CALL TWICE IN FOUR MINUTES. All there was ,was a loud beep. Very annoying.
705-628-6868 Wild Wonda
Call came from Nigeria
705-627-9619 T. Tellier
Rec some kind of text to land line message which consisted of a series of numbers.  I hung up.
705-627-9619 kw
got a text message on my home phone from this number.  i just hung up.  is this some kind of scam?  and why are they sending a text to my home phone?
705-627-9619 Z
someone calling me about getting loans  >_<
705-627-9619 S
Wanted me to call 888-210-5212 because my Yolo FCU banking card had been placed on hold. I don't even bank at Yolo FCU.
705-627-9619 Susan U
The call came from Harry Buffalo to inform me that a special was going on.Also stated that if I wanted to stop getting the Text to Land Line to reply STOP.Not sure how to reply from a land line to a Text?
705-627-8048 confused
Received a "text to landline" message from this number - sounded like "What's Up, Code 10028"
705-627-8048 Mary
I received text with above number.
705-626-7546 jeff
same here!also goes by the phone number 705-673-3717 stole from me once!
705-626-7546 blair
keeps crank calling,heavy into pills and using people
705-626-7336 Melinda
just got a call
705-625-5003 Brooke
Received a phone call from this number. The caller left no message.
705-618-1848 Denny
wrong number

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