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707 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 707 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 707 Series

707-266-6673 Anonymous
2018-10-24 02:10:17
707-273-0134 Anonymous
2018-08-19 00:50:22
they just called me
707-266-6673 Anonymous
2018-05-11 07:08:05
Stumpf and his top lieutenants devised the cross-selling strategy that drove Wells Fargo's low-level employees to break the law and exploit hard-working customers. Wells fargo advantage funds login wells fargo rewards login wells fargo auto loan login Account openings also were down 44 percent weighed against October 2015. They weren't motivated to return their ill-gotten gains. Wells fargo dealer services login [url=""]wells fargo login mortgage[/url] wells fargo banking login And we tend to go right from outrage to fireside that person.
707-273-6090 Wayne
Unknown number.
707-273-4679 Megan
Vacaville Richard's Air Tech324 Merchant St Vacaville, CA 956887072734679
707-273-4030 law enforcement
this is a Buffalo debt collection agency that is not licensed or registered to do business. Please direct any complaints to the New York State Attorney General's office by calling 716-853-8404 or by downloading the attached complaint form: http://www.ag.ny.gov/sites/default/files/pdfs ... o_complaint.pdfthe company is NOT in California.  They cannot arrest you, sue you, or send a process server to you... they are just using scare tactics.    Report any violations in writing, save any messages where allowed by law.
707-273-4030 julie
If any legal action is to be taken against you, you will be notified by mail, not a phone call!!!! These scum call you in hopes of scaring you into givig out personal information. If they call you and say they are on their way to arrest you, don't believe it! NO ONE is notified prior to an arrest! That would just give people time to head for the hills and hide!!
707-273-4030 tarsha
I have received this call on my cell and my job. Its embarassing for the to do this. Is there something we can do to stop them?
707-273-4030 Glenda Jones
Who the hell are these people
707-273-4030 Alfalfa
Phantom Debt Collectors From India Harass Americans, Demand MoneyBy BRIAN ROSS (@brianross) , CINDY GALLI and MATTHEW MOSK (@mattmosk) June 7, 2012 Hundreds of thousands of cash-strapped Americans have been targeted by abusive debt collectors operating out of overseas call centers suspected of links to organized crime in India, law enforcement officials told ABC News.The calls are part of a massive scam, one that appears to target struggling Americans -- especially those who have gone online to apply for payday loans. Armed with personal information from those pilfered applications, the threatening callers, who claim to be debt collectors poised to initiate legal action, have managed to pry loose millions of dollars from their victims -- even when the victims never owed money in the first place."This is what we call a phantom debt collection scam," said Jon Leibowitz, the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission. "It's a very pernicious and innovative new fraud."Working through call centers in India, the commission estimates that the criminals have dialed at least 2.5 million calls, persuading already cash-strapped victims to send them more than $5 million. Some have reported receiving dozens of calls per hour. They are victims like Cindy Gervais, of New Orleans, who went online for a quick loan when her husband's car was hit by a driver who didn't have insurance.Even though she paid the loan off, the so-called "phantom" debt collectors with Indian accents began calling to say she still owed money.He more or less told me that if I didn't pay, they were going to have someone on my doorstep to arrest me," she told ABC News. "And that they were going to contact my place of business, and tell them what kind of person I am."At first, she said she resisted. Then the calls became more frequent, and started to ring on her cell phone, and at the grocery distribution company where she had worked for 27 years."I was more or less was in panic mode because he told me there would be someone before noon at my place of business to arrest me and take me to jail," she said tearfully. "So I agreed to pay him."After receiving scores of complaints, investigators with the FTC said they began tracking the calls, and following the payments. They alleged the payments led them to a California company run by an Indian-American named Kirit Patel, and that such scams would not be possible without American front men."I would say that all roads of this scam, or many of the roads of this scam, lead back to Mr. Patel," said the FTC's Leibowitz.ABC News tracked Patel for weeks, from the suburbs of San Francisco to Austin, Texas.Patel refused to talk. But his lawyer, Mark Ellis, said he believes it is far too early to pass judgment on his client. Ellis, a Sacramento-based attorney, told ABC News that Patel was hired for a nominal fee to set up an American shell company, and had no idea what the call centers in India were doing."I can tell you, he was as snookered by the people in India as anybody," Ellis said. "He's a 69-year-old man who is nearing his retirement who thought all he had to do was set up some corporations and everything was on the up and up. He's completely dismayed that he has become the lightning rod of this entire problem."A close friend of Patel's also defended him in a brief interview at his home, saying Patel was not trying to defraud anyone -- he was just an unwitting, bit player in a larger scheme."If Mr. Patel was just a cog in the wheel he seems to have been a pretty big cog," Leibowitz said. "It is clear that Patel was integrally involved with this scam."Leibowitz points to thousands of pages of financial and phone records gathered by the FTC and filed as part of a civil case brought against him in the U.S. District Court in Sacramento last month. When FTC lawyers sought to freeze his assets and prevent his business from continuing to operate, Patel responded by invoking his rights against self-incrimination. His lawyer told ABC News he has had to be careful in how he responds to the allegations in civil court "because there is a potential criminal action," but that Patel maintains the allegations against him are false.Federal investigators said the phantom debt collection operation that allegedly benefitted from Patel's assistance was one of several that all trace back to the same small town in Western India called Ahmedabad. Callers use technology to make it appear that the calls originate inside the U.S. Victims provided ABC News with recordings of dozens of the calls, and many of the thickly accented callers appear to be reading off a script."Subpoenas have been readied, and Monday morning you're going to be picked up from your home," one caller says on a victim's voicemail. "And you have children. Don't worry about your children. We have a childcare department to take care of the children.""You will be behind bars for six months," said another caller. "And once you go behind bars, you will lose your job. Once you are behind the bars, you won't get a single drop of water."William Peerce Howard, a Tampa attorney who represents victims of harassment from debt collectors, said it takes an especially twisted criminal to use threats and coercion to pry money from someone who is already struggling financially"These guys really are the most visible villains in America today," he said. "They make a living scaring people."Mark Merola, of Florida, said he just panicked when the caller told him he might be arrested at the deli where he works in a Florida retirement community."I was nervous. I didn't want to embarrass myself, my family," he said. He used his debit card to pay the collector $576.Afterwards, he says he realized "how stupid I was." "It just happened so fast," he said. "I got scared." Leibowitz said he hopes with more attention, future potential targets of the scam will recognize red flags before they turn over any money.If callers say they are from the police, consumers should know that law enforcement officers do not collect debt for private parties. If the caller is speaking with a thick Indian accent, but calls themselves by a names such as Officer Mike Johnson, that should be a tip off. And if they're calling 40 times in two hours, that's another red flag. "Legitimate debt collectors, legitimate pay day lenders don't do those sorts of things," he said.Merola said he would like to see anyone involved in the scam prosecuted aggressively."There's no place in society for these people," he said. http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/phantom-debt-co ... 16512428&page=2
707-273-4030 screwuscammers
My husband had just gotten a phone call from this number and i had asked him what they had told him they were going to take him 2 court if he didnt pay off this loan . I told him they were scamming him we havnt got any paperwork from the loan place n e wayz i called the number back a lady answerd i had told her i had a missed call and who this was and what was the name of their business she studderd a said who is this i hung up called back the man said they were calld empire asset recovery and she said stern and faulk  so im sure she atleast knows i know shes a scammer what piece of s*** people f... scammers
707-273-4030 Scambuster
Got a call from an "investigator" who says that our family member "G" has criminal charges pending and that my husband may be called as a witness. I asked what the charges were and she wouldn't tell me. I asked her if I need to be concerned for my family's safety. She didn't answer that question either. I told her we haven't seen "G" in months, that he hasn't been involved with our family for years (which is true) since he got divorced. And she got very defensive and said "Well, there has to be a reason Hubbys name is involved in this criminal case. And he really needs to call us." What legitimate "investigator" gets defensive about my questions? When I asked her what agency she is working for she said a lawyers office (wow, way to be specific). I didn't divulge any personal info, and am throwing away the number they want my hubby to call. I can't wait until they call back now that I know they are such scammers.
707-273-4030 Clinster
People from this number are calling my family members asking for their credit card numbers or bank numbers to pay off a debt for me, that I do not owe. They told my parents that if they did not get the money they were going to take me to jail, take my house, my cars, etc. Demanded a credit card number to pay for it. They hung up and called me. When I tried to call the number back, it was "Hello"  not a business name or anything. When I asked who this was, they got rude and demanded that I pay for something I do not owe. I asked them to send me something in the mail, they refused. They even put a man on that told me that he knew my family he would take care of them. If I refused to pay. How is this legal.
707-273-4030 Sad but True
These fraudsters are using disposable cell phones and/or VOIP so they can't be traced:Extortion Scam Related to Delinquent Payday Loans Washington, D.C. December 07, 2010  FBI National Press Office (202) 324-3691— filed under: Press Release The Internet Crime Complaint Center has received many complaints from victims of payday loan telephone collection scams. Callers claim the victim is delinquent in a payday loan and must repay the loan to avoid legal consequences. The callers purport to be representatives of the FBI, Federal Legislative Department, various law firms, or other legitimate-sounding agencies. They claim to be collecting debts for companies such as United Cash Advance, U.S. Cash Advance, U.S. Cash Net, and other Internet check-cashing services.According to complaints received from the public, the callers have accurate data about victims, including Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, employer information, bank account numbers, and the names and telephone numbers of relatives and friends. How the fraudsters obtained the personal information varies, but in some cases victims have reported they completed online applications for other loans or credit cards before the calls started. The fraudsters relentlessly call the victim’s home, cell phone, and place of employment. They refuse to provide any details about the alleged payday loans and become abusive when questioned. The callers have threatened victims with legal actions, arrests, and, in some cases, physical violence if they do not pay. In many cases, the callers harass victims’ relatives, friends, and employers. Some fraudsters have instructed victims to fax a statement agreeing to pay a certain amount, on a specific date, via a pre-paid Visa card. The statement further declares the victim will never dispute the debt. If you receive these calls, do not follow the caller’s instructions. Rather, you should:Notify your banking institutions. Contact the three major credit bureaus and request an alert be put on your file. Contact your local law enforcement agencies if you feel you are in immediate danger. File a complaint at www.IC3.gov. Tips to avoid becoming a victim of this scam:Never give your Social Security number—or personal information of any kind—over the telephone or online unless you initiate the contact. Be suspicious of any e-mail with urgent requests for personal financial information. The e-mail may include upsetting or exciting but false statements to get you to react immediately. Avoid filling out forms in e-mail messages that request personal information. Ensure that your browser is up-to-date and security patches have been applied. Check your bank, credit, and debit card statements regularly to make sure that there are no unauthorized transactions. If anything looks suspicious, contact your bank and all card issuers. When you contact companies, use numbers provided on the back of cards or statements http://www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/paydayloanscam_120710
707-273-4030 shawn
They are a scam and fraudulent company. I received a call saying j owe money fir a debt that has been resolved fir over 7 years now. Linda McCoy. Shawn Tyler or Taylor. Susan proctor.and other names. It is a complete scam. 620-860-2213 is the number they used to call me. They use prepaid cell phones. Supposed docket or claim or file #'s. I saved the numbers and messages. The federal trade commission needs more complaints in order to investigate and arrest these people. Please report to the federal trade commission. Local state office. Via internet like this to help and warn others. And as far as the comment by the person who mentioned payday loans. Try to get all the facts before you start trashing someone on what they did or did not do. Besides it was just a d****ead comment.
707-273-4030 LAW
707-273-4030 debbie
im getting exact same thing happening to me !
707-273-4030 Mindy
Kevin - I am not worried.  I work for a lawyer and have for over 10 years!  You want to sue me, bring it on.  I'll file for harassment!  I've saved all of the harassing voicemail messages left by these so called debt collectors, who do not sound professional at all and who are only out to scam people!  If you want to inform someone about a civil suit against them, you do it via CERTIFIED MAIL, not by calling them from a CELL PHONE and leaving them a voicemail message.  I'm no idiot!
707-273-4030 bill
Kevin you sound like the same person who hung up on me when I informed them that harassing debt collection procedures are illegal and that I'd be notifing the FTC. So since u even harass and accuse online I ask u Kevin would you be the same person? Just asking so I can include this in my FTC(FEDERAL TRADE COMMISION) complaint.
707-273-4030 lucy
Payday loans should be illegal. They make it impossible to ever stop getting them once you start because the interest rate fee is so high that you have to keep renewing. They more than make there money back with the fees off of most people. There is know way out once you are in unless you just stop paying. Most them are very shady about telling upfront how the fees work. You must read all the fine print. To me they are a scam and should be illegal.
707-273-4030 kevin
Hey Mindy, I'm sure if they have all info about SSN, relatives names and telephone numbers, all bank info that you gave in order to secure your payday loan or cash advance with all those crazy fees that you signed up for via internet or in person. Mindy you can't always blame the collectors sometimes  you have to take responsibility. I can't blame you in being worried but deep down people know they owe these payday loans and cash advances are owed. I personally think people shouldn't live off these types of loans if they can't agree to terms and pay back no one put a gun to their head and said take the money. So I have a question for you Mindy. Did you take the money and run???
707-273-4030 Mindy
I got a call from these people last week.  Said he was Mr. Knox from Faulk and Sterns (spelling?) and that he wants to discuss a POSSIBLE civil suit being filed against me in my county.  Did a search on this number and it's a cell phone number from CA.  I live on the east coast.  I cannot find information on a company named Faulk & Sterns online anywhere.  I do not dare to call it back.  Why did they not leave a 1-800 number?  Why are they calling from a CELL phone??  Does not seem legit to me at all and I don't trust it.  Not to mention - I have not received anything in my mail about a lawsuit.
707-273-4030 LAW
707-273-4030 cathy
is this a real compay Faulk and sterns or is it fraud?
707-273-4030 E.S
I need a 800 number to contact the above number
707-273-2144 Mrs. G
First unsolicated call to my number I have had for 15 yrs.  Then it followed with a text message that they 'could make mortgage woes disappear'.
707-273-2144 Warpig
Got a text from this number about lowering my insurance rates. I hate spam calls/text
707-273-2143 Peter xoxox
Same as StephReceived a text asking if I wanted to start a business at low cost, reply YES1.  I reported it to the FCC. http://www.fcc.gov/complaints
707-273-2143 Steph
Received a text asking if I wanted to start a business at low cost, reply YES1.  I reported it to the FCC. http://www.fcc.gov/complaints
707-273-2143 FoCoGal
Received a text message from this number about help with a start up business. Who is it?

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