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714 Area Code Numbers Listing

Call numbers are divided with numerous location codes based on city/ state area code, to make sure that it can be appreciated easily and easy to preserve. Below is the checklist of all call numbers collection which works under 714 area code.

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Documented Numbers with Individual Comments Under 714 Series

714-203-2010 Anonymous
2018-06-15 19:59:02
doesn't answer - just hangs up
714-361-2300 Anonymous
2017-10-26 16:23:28
I've got a call at 3.00 am and when i called them back in morning the no one is receiving call now
714-361-2418 Anonymous
2017-09-25 23:13:46
Multiple calls in one day. No voicemail. The caller ID says THE RIGHT THING. No clue what that is. But I must have gotten on some list because I've had a ton of calls lately.
714-394-1487 Paul
2017-03-03 16:21:50
It was given to me by a gypsy trying to beg money from me.
714-763-9096 Kat
2015-04-27 21:04:56
Got two missed calls, a minute apart from each other. Caller didn't leave a message.
714-697-9368 Emma
2015-01-19 18:11:58
Pls removed this untrue statement I refused to meet him so he posted this Many thanks
714-230-6214 Mark
scam scam scam. some dumb a** dot head trying to scam you and make you think your in legal trouble
714-230-5552 juju
constant call
714-230-5199 shoan
this is my own number, i just check how your system can tell
714-230-3179 steve
Someone claiming to be from a chiropractic office - but wanting to know about my advertising.
714-230-1900 Mike
I get fax calls all hours of the night and dont know this company
714-230-1900 paramaxpromo
They are a legit company.  They are a promotional products supplier for us.  They do not sell direct, so it obviously was a wrong number.
714-230-1900 Another Kansan
Got a call with phone center noises from here. As soon as I spoke, they hung up. I *69'd it and got a fake-sounding busy signal. The caller ID said"Evans Mfg". I called back & got a person right away. I asked why they called. She asked if I had an order with them. I said no. She put me on hold & I got the their URL off the recording - http://www.evans-mfg.com/A woman came on and said it must have been a wrong number, sorry.The website looks a bit fishy, but it probably was just a wrong #. Since I couldn't find any listings under the number, I thought I'd put in a note here in case someone else receives a call from them.
714-230-0739 Anthony
called but left no message
714-230-0496 Caroline
Who has this number?
714-230-0072 Tara
Keep getting this number on my cell phone.
714-230-0039 Alex
This number calls repeatedly over and over and over , I've said I am not interested 20 times. they call 4 or 5 times in a ROW
714-230-0039 CK
Called my business line again, told me they had the wrong number and hung up before I could get another word out. :-/
714-230-0039 Robert
They are a telemarketing company for Credit Card service. They say they cannot take you off their list. So I just keep telling them to send the rep out to my shop...then I tell him to leave. He gets paid for making the stop and they have to keep paying for him to come there...he's happy and I'm happy. If I can keep wasting their time and money it's all good for me!!!
714-230-0039 Celeste
This phone number calls my cell phone at least once a week! I answer to hear no one there. I call back to hear ringing then call is cut off after 2nd ring. This is really annoying and I'd like to report them!
714-230-0039 CK
Called my business line, I answered, no one there, they hung up after about 5 seconds.
714-229-7789 Noneya
I worked there they aren't a scam but the reps ARE NOT suppose to tell u your too old to participate. See the car companies have a certain criteria they have to meet doing these focus groups and usually the age can't be any more than 65...but sometimes there is other criteria to be met like females, females between a certain age, certain ethnicities etc...But again the telephone interviewers are NEVER suppose to reveal these criterias to the customers...there is a default script when you don't qualify saying that the group you are scheduled to be in is filled and can we put you on stand by and/or keep you on our list for future studies...
714-229-7789 Energizer
I received a call, and the rep talked to a co-worker, who stated that I was too old to participate. Why did she call? We never discussed my age over the phone. I am seasoned. My age is 55 years old, but if you want to stay young you have to die young.
714-229-7789 Joebob9047
Yeah, legit company...I actually did participate in one of their focus groups.  I think you have to be an owner of on the of the cars they are focusing on. About 3 hours of looking at pictures. You get paid $120 I think.
714-229-7789 Wilbur
I just got a call from this number and they left a message for me.  The company is Research Design Specialists.  They are a legitimate company that does focus groups.  I was asked to call back at 1-800-734-7970 (extension 43). I had completed a survey and asked to be a part of the focus group, so their call back to me is legitimate...
714-229-7789 JOHN DO
i was called as well did not answer
714-229-7789 JimmyLo
No voicemail left.  Called back, nobody answered.
714-229-7787 kp
Claimed to be an automotive research company - answering machine cut him off before he finished, lolWe did get something in the mail from them earlier in the week - it went in the trash unopened.This number is now blocked via my call blocker on my PC.
714-229-7784 Texas
CID says "Research Design".  Assume it's some political research firm.  I picked up & hung up immediately like I normally do with telemarketers and THEY CALLED BACK.  Will not leave message.
714-229-7783 david e
wanted a test drive focus group ask questions about householde income. said my day was full and put me on standby. gave 800 number that was a chat line.

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