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User Comments for 7147094606

I got a call from this number but it was a guy named Johnny from World Financial Corp(?). It was full of static and I couldn't really hear what he was saying (heard the words "resume" and "interview"). I called back and it immediately went to voicemail of a woman, which I also couldn't  understand what she was saying so...sounds phishy/fishy to me. I do have my resume posted online at several job sites, and I think if you have a resume online that since it is posted publicly that is how these people get your contact information.

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Right... how did they get my resume... it's those ads that don't allow you to respond directly to the hiring company.  Tis should be against the law... it's fishing...
this is very deceiving...they are not helping anyone to find a job...what they are doing is getting you in the door and wanting you to be trained to become a financial adviser for World Financial Group -- ie like going to people's home and signing them up with insurance etc...
I got a call from "Angela" too. Someone needs to talk to this lady and find out what she is trying to sell. Thank GOD you can Google this stuff, so you don't end up wasting your time.
Left no message
What the
Just call a call from this number, same deal.. strange answering machine, what the heck!
Kristin Smith
I just received a message from the same woman, "angela" asking for a call back. Googled the phone number to see if I could find out what company she was from, found this. Clearly a scam.
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I just recieved a call from an Angela and I too was told to call back for an interview about a position with an undisclosed company. The lady that left the message sounded drunk as if she was not coherent. Her speech was very slurred and I could barly make out the phone number when she said it.This call was a bit creepy an I hope there is an investigation somewere somtime into the intent of this person on the other line. This sounds like a wierd scam to me. I would not advise anyone to respond to it.!
Hey Sol.  I guess we both were scamed by angela. She sounded wierd huh?

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