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Browsed Number: 7168759100 | Location Code : 716 | Country : United States | Report Unidentified Caller


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United States
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New York
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User Comments for 7168759100

These people called me this morning.They asked if they could speak to "Erin"... His name is Ervin so I knew right away it was a telemarketer. I just said there is no "Erin" here. (technically not lying) so they asked if I had an advertisement company. I told her that we do not do advertisements. Then she said may I speak to Steven, I said NO! He isn't in and we aren't interested then I hung up. They immediately called back, I picked up the phone and dropped it right back down on the receiver. They immediately called back again  so I answered and said We are NOT interested Do NOT call back.. she started talking WHILE I was saying that and I just hung up again. So annoyinng!

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Have received several calls from this number, the last being at 9:28 am today.  I answered the call, but the party immediately hung up.  I tried to call back three times to get my number put on a do not call list, but each time after a recording advising the company is Local Edge, formerly The Talking Phone Book, I was told to hold for the next representative.  No rep ever answered, so I hung up.  Don't understand why they keep calling as I do not own a business.Caller ID:  Buffalo, NY               716-875-9100
Continually callingl my house in the morning. I called the number and spoke to an operator, and asked if my name could be taken off the "do not call list." She was very courteous and apologetic.  She said that if was probably from distribution, and calls are regarding new phone book. She said that she would contact distribution and place me on the do not call list.
Recognize the Number ???  Let the caller ID work.  If I don't recognize the number, I simply Ignore it...  Those Jerks will never give up..  They are very Stupid.
It says they are the talking phone book. They dont leave messages. If only I could be around when they call so I could tell them where to stick it!
Yep I just got one too, who is it?
Yes, they are annoying.  I have received several calls from them today.  It comes up as Local Edge.  I sell Avon, so maybe that's why they keep calling.  I've already been scammed into something like this when I had a different business.  Not again!
Don't stress!  This is a very large, very legitimate company.  My boss takes their calls and doesn't take 99% of the calls that come in!
It is the Talking Phone Book...I have told these A--hole that I do not want to run an ad in their usless publication. They will not take NO for an answer so they keep calling and sending reps by my business. Next time one of their reps stop by I will let them know I will be charging the next rep with trespassing and harassment if they continue.Caller ID:716-875-9100Local Edge
They called and I answered the phone but no one responded on the other end. I could hear people in the background. Caller ID:716-875-9100Local Edge

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